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Celebrate the New Year?

This is not to hurt anyone or to point someone out. Just read and think about it! Somehow everyone’s 2015 sprinted and passed the baton…

சென்னையின் ஏக்கம்!

வெயிலில் தேங்காய் தண்ணீர்க்கு ஏங்கிய உயிர்கள், இப்பவும் ஏங்குகிறது… தேங்கா தண்ணீருக்காக!!!

Dad’s LOVE!

He asked me to call him after crossing Chengalpet. I knew that he was scared about the message that flooded across WhatsApp that the Chengalpet bridge…

It was Mukk’s B’Day!

16th Oct ’15 That was that fine day that i really felt to do something for this child. So I had to tell some cooked…

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