Day 7 – The Unexpected Go

Started the journey with the target of 14 Kms.

Started with a half heart after speaking with my kids. I didn’t wanna let them go with the problems that they had. I wanted to stay with them. But finally I had to leave them and move on to my routine. The moment I reached Arch Gate, I met the 3 well wishers., Laba, Nihal, Samiksha. They gave me the best motivation for what I have been doing these many days. I really felt motivated.

Had a very slow cycling for a KM with Sunil walking with me. Reached Abode and took the route through GreenPearl. I tried to go through the Village scenes. I loved the people whom I met there. Number of dogs were more than the number of kids playing there. I tried to keep my pace a bit lower to make myself safer from the dogs. I kept going until I reached my 7th KM. Took a stop and had some water. yes I had taken a bottle with me.

Tried to return back to college. But all I could think about was to take a new route and not just getting back. From that moment, I got the best road to travel in. The speed was above average and I was so much interested in the ride that I forgot to click a pic in that area. the road had no cuts. I expected a turn, at which I can make my pedal towards the college. But the road just headed to some unknown place. I enquired to two people on the way, if I could go through this way. They showed a path. I felt like taking the other side. Instincts matter a lot. I got headed to a Road End, where I met a person having some drinks. I enquired him and he asked me to follow him to the main road. I just followed him. For a safety, I just started a Video Recording and followed him. the path was really superb. It was Off-Road. This was the first time to have such an off road scene. I can’t describe it by voice. the video below will tell you. But the video is not so good, as I hadn’t prepare for it.

When I followed him, I started getting fear of the situation. May be he is taking me to a  more interior place where there are no people, so that he can rob the things from me and leave be beaten, alive or dead. A lot of things came in my mind. I had to follow him anyways. I don’t know the return route as well. Though there was a minor fear, I enjoyed the off-road scenes. Ups and downs, a few skids and wheels getting stuck into the sand, really loved it. I shouted at him, “Are we going right?”. He kept silent. That secreted more adrenaline. I kept up a gap and maintained a speed to keep him at my sight. I could start my journey back in the same way as I came. But I have no idea how I came. So, even if I take a pedal back, he has a bike and he can easily chase me back and get me, if his intention was that. So, all I did was just following him. He finally stopped at a place, where I could see a few more people. The sky got darker. I could hardly see them. I stopped myself. I found that I have been travelling totally opposite side to that of SRM. That’s it!

“Come here.,”, shouted the people there. I was almost screwed. I went nearer and found that it was just a temple. I had a super belief in the people who believe in god. They don’t do anything wrong, at least in front of it. So, I gathered myself and went near them. Nothing happened. Everything was well and good. Only problem was the light. I didn’t have one. They had a torch using which they showed me the Idols of their so called God. the best part is that, they have coloured the tree, which was believed to be >1000 years alive. It had the shapes of the gods and goddesses on it. They were yellow painted with a few red marks on them. The scene was totally awesome. I recorded the complete thing. They kept explaining the things. I had no other choice other than listening to them. I recorded their talks. They narrated about their works, expecting that they will be given with money. But I too had nothing in my pockets other than my water bottle and my Diary in my Bag. I said a bye and wanted them to help me with their bike, as it was totally dark.

As expected, one of the guys started his bike and I just followed him. All I could see was just the red light from his bike. All I did was just to follow him. Now with no fear. At times I looked back to make sure that no one is chasing me. yes I kept checking around me even when they were explaining to me about them. I was more careful to keep myself safer from that place and people there. I finally got the road to come back to SRM. The people there didn’t even know “SRM University”. I had to then ask for Guduvancheri. A man pointed his finger towards the left and I took a breath and started from there. It was almost 12 KMS. then I rode there straight in the main road, expecting Guduvancheri. 2  main placed passed, they were not even nearing Guduvancheri. App said, “17 KMS”. In a few mins, I had reached Guduvancheri. Then perfectly free ride towards the Abode Campus. When I reached Dine’s Park, App said, “20 KMS”. Perfectly an Unexpected day.

Things happen for a reason. Don’t find reasons. Go and discover new day by day.

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  • Thrilling experience and neat writeup! Keep having fun 🙂

    5:11 am March 24, 2017 Reply
    • Thank you na! Same to you! 🙂 <3

      5:46 pm March 24, 2017 Reply
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