How to implement OneTap Signup using Firebase UI?

Is it easier than you think? Just after integrating a web app with OneTap feature, I felt that there is a need for this documentation for the other developers who may be researching the same. More than the time taken to implement this, the time it has taken to find the right documentation for Web […]

Aptitude was my problem and my Attitude was their problem!

I sat for placement for one of the so-called Dream Companies! Not sure who dreams to join these companies, to call it a dream company, lol.  Back to the point, After clearing the aptitude and coding tests, the third round was a very generic round, in which I was asked questions from different domains including […]

Mentorship is not Selling Courses

One simple question we get from almost everyone who has applied is, “How much does it cost for the 8-week programme?” This is how the mindset of our emerging students are modulated by the education business! We could have just asked for a minimum of Rs 99/- per session. But we know the value can’t […]

How to be smart and Maintaining Relationship?

Getting into a relationship is easy. But how about maintaining it? Once you are in it, you need to build it up and drive it healthy. Healthy relationships are long-lasting! Relationships are all about Compliments! Does that mean, you cannot suggest feedback for improvements? To be precise, relationships are a mixture of compliments and improvements. […]

A General Misconception among the College Students

If you join one of the Top colleges, getting a job is guaranteed! This is a General Misconception among College Students, mostly fed by parents and other relatives. Everything starts with their limitation that they know Everything about the current opportunities! They fail to explore further more than their assumptions, and eventually miss out on […]

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