Shujath Khan

“Productive Leadership” is what comes to my mind whenever someone asks me about Thina. I owe this man a lot, right from personal guidance to career guidance. He is the kind of a leader any team would want when they are in need of productivity, collaboration, growth and raising the benchmark.

Vatsalya Singhi

Few people have the opportunity to work with a technically sound senior who is an exceptional coach and a great mentor — but I did when I worked with GS Thina at Think Digital, SRM which he founded in 2015. What started from an idea of a student to learn, explore and teach has now […]

Ritesh Bhat

I worked with Thina bhaiya during my college days in ITA and Think-Digital. His tech, as well as management skills, are exceptional. He always makes sure that everyone in the team is getting the right opportunity and guidance. Another great thing about working with him is his motivating and enthusiastic nature. During college time he […]

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