3 Tools to help you build a gateway for your portfolio | INEA

Your online portfolio is spread across different platforms,

but you need a powerful gateway that leads to all of them!

A gateway is a simple tool, that’s just nothing more than a place where you aggregate all your different platforms, individual works, images and links together in a single place!

This one’s simply your landing page. You can share this link with someone you want to connect with.

Here are some tools you can use to build your online gateway!


A place where you can aggregate all your links together under a hood.


I recently came across this one, and you can create a beautiful landing page for your profile. There are a lot of free options that you can use.


We create a lot on the Internet across different platforms. This is a fine tool that you can use to bring them together with freedom to showcase your links with appropriate CTAs. It’s my personal favourite, it’s the gateway to my portfolio!

Do you know any other tools for this purpose? Let me know in the comments.

Most of the times, we know that there are a lot of tools around us, but what we lack is the awareness of what to be posted there, and how it can be helpful for us!

That’s for another post. Stay connected to build your INEA with me!

PS: In the meantime, take a look at my online gateway – scrollme.today/gsthina

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