Vatsalya Singhi | Testimonial

Few people have the opportunity to work with a technically sound senior who is an exceptional coach and a great mentor — but I did when I worked with GS Thina at Think Digital, SRM which he founded in 2015. What started from an idea of a student to learn, explore and teach has now turned into an official technical club with over 100 active members, all thanks to Thina anna’s massive contribution and selflessness. It was a true bliss to work with him for four years, collaborate on several software development projects. With the determination to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn and lead and build an experience beyond just learning, GS Thina has built an ecosystem that encourages students to be technical experts on not just what they know, but what they want to know. To sum up, Thina anna possesses leadership and management qualities like empathy, integrity and vision which makes him extraordinary and noteworthy.

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