3 things that colleges can improve

Every college strives to provide its best to ensure a better students export. But, this may not always happen as expected though an institution has all possibilities to let it happen. But, why would a college not let it happen? Here are some of the obvious reasons: Utilizing the success of Alumni as a matter […]

Secret of Success

If the secret of success is: To Start Not Quit Then, the barrier to success is: Overthinking to start Missing Consistency Don’t overthink. Keep doing something that keeps you going every day! I document my learnings and experience by text and curate them for different platforms for people; primarily on contextual thinking, students, and some […]

Jobless? So…

“I have been jobless for 225 days due to layoff. Please help me find a new job”. “…been jobless for `n` days…” When someone posts this, ask them to also post – what they have been doing those `n` days. – Maybe a small project in their tech/non-tech skill, for n < 100? – Maybe […]

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