It was Mukk’s B’Day!

16th Oct ’15
That was that fine day that i really felt to do something for this child. So I had to tell some cooked up stories to make this child believe and he did. I said to him that I have to go to Velacheri  as my Chithi called me home. I added up that it was some Purattasi Kadaisi Sani which made him to believe me blindly. That was the first success. Then I said that Barath also wanted to go to the airport for sending his dad. As it was an usual case, the child believed this too. Second Success. All I have to do was to keep up the secret of what we are planning to do. I was pretty much sure to handle these kind of situations but Barath… even when we tell something directly he doesn’t get the actual meaning. Now as I talked in a indirect way, he was always asking me came separate and talk as he understands. That was not an issue until he does perfectly what I said. Things went on well…

Panacea was on it’s go. I spent some time there and at 5:30PM….

Barath was a good rider of bike. But he always had a unluck of falling from it. All I worried is about sitting on the bike when he is riding. We rode to Tambaram. On the way, I made a call to my dad in a doubt of how much to spend for his day. He just gave the choice to me. Then I again sat and started the ride. “Signal thaandi ponal kadai irukku da… Anga poiye vaangalaam…” I sang with the same tune of “Kadal thaandi pogum kaadhali…”. We reached the shop.

Planned to buy a power bank as I have always seen his mobile with 2% and 3% of battery. But I know he is lazy to carry the power bank too. So looked again and again and saw headsets, that he already had and mouse and keyboard, that he doesn’t like to use and finally pendrive that he never had but wanted one. So I was satisfied to buy the pendrive for him. Then I searched for the best pendrive for this best child. Then we returned back to college. On the way Barath had more other plans with his girlfriend. that was ok, fine. But the most funny thing is, he agreed to board me on bus as he wanted to be with her! And as usual, haha.. being a friend I refused that and didn’t allow him for it. Hehehehehe,.! We rode to college and met Divya and her friend. Sairam came by that way in coincidence. Sairam was always a silent killer. His way of making fun was so silent and amazing! We three discussed the plans as per the situation and we left to the room. The most amazing thing is that Barath handled the situation well in real time with his parents too. I’m damn sure that his parents would have thought that he has gone mad., haha.!

19th Oct ’15

     The day went on as usual after the exam, we all were free. Unusually Sairam, Barath and myself went to potheri, in the name of going to mess. We went to LAVA to buy cake for him. We too had some snacks and then returned to college. I got calls from Mukesh, which I managed by telling that I was sitting in front of G’ Block, that I was waiting in queue in JAVA for buying rice. I could somehow manage him for an hour. Then we went to the Night Canteen. We sent Sairam to the room as Mukesh had to eat and mainly that he was hungry! Letting the child hungry was not a good thing. Barath and myself waited for our anna coming to the canteen. We requested him to keep the ice cake safe in the refrigerator. He agreed it and there also it was a success. Then we came to room and surprisingly all slept. What we had planned well in advance would not work if they all sleep. But we made the situation optimistic and I let them all sleep and Mukesh was watching GameOfThrones eagerly. Time went on. I just made a small video for him. Barath also made a great video.

The clock struck 00:00, Happie B’day da! Enjoy Pannu!”, I just wished him with a small hit. Sairam also woke up and just wished him and slept. I am sure he might have got shocked by what we did. No reaction at 00:01AM for a B’day is really a shocking thing for anyone in SRM.

Normally we go to the night canteen every night around 12:30AM. So, the plan was to take Mukesh to Night Canteen as usual. And giving surprise of lights off with a candle light scene capturing his heart. But that was not permitted there and finally the spice to the dish was a bit low I would say. I managed to take my camera to the canteen. I didn’t want to let him know about the camera then he would guess the party time. We all tried to keep a usuality in our behaviour. We did keep. The thing to wonder is that Barath also kept up the situation well. Then we all entered the canteen and shockingly for 8 minutes nothing happened, no sign of a cake on the table. Sairam was getting ready with the cake lighted.

“Someone else is also celebrating the birthday da…!”

“Deii…, “

That’s it! The child was speechless!

The Beast is awakening for its next Smuggle! Beware people! It’s the new year of his life. He is getting ready with the sharpened 7th sense, that can make up wonders and miracles.

Yes! The real Hero of my life,
celebrating his 20th B’Day.
Wishing a Happier and Healthier life ahead!

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