Do if you feel it correct – The Rainy Arraival…

It’s raining…
Maraimalainagar….., the voice I heard and I woke up. Surrounded by dark and cold, the time I woke up from sleep on realized that they have taken the bus already. I tried to lift up my hands to call him. I couldn’t. I felt shamed to be sleeping even after my destination arrived. Then I just stayed in bus, planning to go to Tambaram. So I closed my eyes and just understand the importance of the presence of mind. I have two choices. Go to Tambaram and come in a train or Bus, other one is convince the driver to getting down where ever possible as closer as I could, top reduce the amount of money that I have to spend for auto. ¬† I took the second. I walked directly to the driver and asked him where it was. He said that the bus is getting towards Guduvancheri. “Okeyy! Guduvancheri Anna”, I said. He asked me where I wanted to get down. “SRM”. He stared at me and said that he had been calling out for 5 mins and no one came standing and thus he started the bus. I didn’t ask this and it was am explanation to make me cool.I understood that later. All I could see was raining…!
I asked the driver to stop the bus immediately. The deeper side of the second decision came to act :p
I ran back to take my belongings. A gentle old man, asked me where it was. I said that it was near Guduvancheri. Them he kept asking me the same question in a different way. I said the same. He came up again with the same question. I said Potheri, hoping that I would have not crossed half of the distance. He again asked if it was Perungalathur. I caught my temper after seeing his grand children standing behind. I said, “Potheri! Perungalathur illa!!”, again. Then he went back talking to the kids. I climbed down the stairs of the bus. Noticing that the SRM stop is exactly where I got down and Maraimalainagar was a bit before. I patted myself and got in to an auto till the back gate and he asked for 40. Neither of us had¬†change. I gave him 100. He asked me, where I have to go exactly and then i reached Mukesh’s flat in the same Auto for 50. The amount he charged for this ride in this rain is much lesser. I came and saw that the main gate was closed. Then the usual way of getting in to hostel… Jumped across the walls and then walked to DK-14 by shouting “PramodJi… “. He opened the door and I started to type something on my phone and layed on the bed and you are reading it now. Thanks for it.!

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