BE CAREFUL when you want to try out the LINKEDIN PREMIUM features!

A few months back, I tried #LinkedInPremium and purchased a monthly subscription. It was exciting, I had a lot of time to explore and learn from it. It was all smooth for a month or two. After using Premium for quite a while, I cancelled my subscription since I wasn’t making use of it. LinkedIn […]

Misunderstanding arises, if you Miss Understanding something

A couple of weeks back during one of our leads sync up at Think-Digital, I accidentally lost my temper which lead to misunderstanding! I usually keep myself calm in most situations and keep up my temper under control. But, on that day I lost it. It was because the progress of the team was relatively […]

Is it true that our Schooling System is burning out?🔥

Indeed, the Schools are burning out 🥵 This may not be a Transition for the Education system itself, but the perspective towards it! For the parents, the last 18+ months had been tougher handling the new ecosystem enforced by the pandemic; dealing with their kids at home. However, it should have brought up an idea […]

How to Connect MetaMask to Angular Web using Truffle & Ganache

I assume if you are here, you have already set up your local environment with Truffle and Ganache and have the MetaMask extension installed on your browser. Once you are done with it, you can confirm if you can see the below two screens on your desktop. Let’s first connect your Ganache to MetaMask wallet […]

Speaking is easy, but speaking to the point does not seem to be!

I can’t speak without stammering, even a single line. Speaking to people is a nightmare for me. Most people have mistaken me for not opening up to them, for not picking up a line at first. But, I used to be scared if I would stammer. I remember, in the early days of my college, […]

WPS Season 2 – A Decisive Purpose out of an Abstract

Finally!! After gathering all the confidence after preparing the deck of slides for tomorrow’s WPS, we were all set for the first session of the WPS Season-2 for a wider audience than Season 1! With all the small experiences from my college to corporate, and that we had gathered from the students and their parents’ […]

Know how I got started with Blockchain Technology!

Back in 2017… I joined as a Software Developer in FSS, one of the early Financial companies in India. I got placed for a decent package, and our batch was called “The Elite Batch”. An external mentor assigned to our batch, Ajay (AJ) cultivated an interest in Java. I can write another article about my […]

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