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Childhood’s one of the most confusing advice

Most of us would’ve heard this piece of advice –


but never got to understand an apt meaning for it.

Even if we’ve interpreted some meaning, most probably it’s wrong unless you’ve experienced it for yourselves.

👉🏼 Let me share how I experienced it. It can help you experience it for you as well.

First time Addressing 300+ Students!

First-time experience, not only in addressing a bigger audience, but also in a couple of other things too!

I’ve never imagined myself doing all these, but it happened, and I wanted to share it with you all here.

Facing stress during campus placements!

You’ll go nuts trying to balance your academics, extracurriculars, and your job placement preparations. That’s Ok! Most of you might have already forgotten your extracurriculars…

How Mindfulness Can Change Your College Life for the Better

Hey, college students! Do you ever feel like you’re constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Do you struggle to balance your academic, social, and personal life?…

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