Every credit tells something about the next title!!

1:34 pm

“Sir., can we enter the hall?”, Kaushik and myself were in a hurry to bubble the OMR sheets that we really felt as a tiring task.

 I went and sat on the seat number 25. Only Kaushik and myself were in the exam room. I started bubbling the sheets… Something was striking me.., bubbles went off too badly!! The feeling of the last exam was actually just like the first day of my every new academic year!! 😛

Everyone started getting into the class room…!! We looked eachother and smiled 🙂

After a while, as usual I put my head down and it might be called a prayer, but more precisely it was just an exercise to my eye and a freshening posture for my mind. I went on with my holidreams… but then pulled myself back to the track and saw him taking the white sheet that really resembled to a Tsunami. Omg!! Someone was calling me unfortunately I said, “Haiyoo., marandhuttene…! “. (It was no one, but nature.) Then just requested sir. Thank God he allowed me… 

I came back with a dirty smile… I felt wired…

Sir passed the question paper when most of us were thinking how to pass the answer paper… My hand shivered in cold or due to the fear, I had no idea. I just got the paper as if I am receiving that holy stuff from a father of a church.(Seriously he resembled one of my chapel priests.)

I started writing… I wrote in a best way possible!! I started with my 28th question… I made a program for the WordGuess game! Felt awesome!! Then I continued the travel through the pages in my answer sheet. Pages went on and on… I wrote so much… “You have 1 more hr left!”, he shouted. I wrote my last question in the slowest way possible, and managed to complete at 4:30pm. And I checked my paper again and again like a boy waiting for his late arriving, so-called lover, at his watch. But then I again went on to holidreams falling on the table. Then a harassing voice, “Have you completed?”, made me smile really brightly. But I didn’t hear a single bell. Then the bell rang! I wondered as he asked me to be seated. Then he again yelled, “You have 10 more mins!”. OhmG!! It was like opening the theatre and catching hold of such a large crowd waiting for Kamal Hassan’s movie.

I watched two of the quys and surprised to see them writing!! Wtf! Did I miss anything!!? I twisted my question paper front and back to check if I had left any of the precious questions! It just remained me of Sreeni who didn’t see the last page of his Japanese question paper. 🙁 So sad…!

“Three more minutes, write down your no of pages in the front page!”, the teacher said to those who didn’t finish the exam yet. That 3 mins.., omGG!! I could see the smiling and blooming faces around me. I felt like being in a sunflower garden.. 😛

“Trrrrrrrrrin Trrrrrrrrrin Trrrrrrrrrin Trrrrrrrrrin Trrrrrrin Trrrrrrrrrrrrin”, exactly for 6 times… I counted it for the first time. Then I walked out as if I had finished my Interview and came out of the room! Immediately something struck my mind.

Actually Interview is a beginning for something and never the end!! Thus….

Every end is just the beginning of the next episode and tells something on it in our life!!

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