What if you can correct your mistake with a one-time Pass-Code!!?

“Why can’t they bring some more ATM machines!!”, I was waiting for withdrawing 200/- for a loooong time..

In front of me.., someone stood familiar. I tried to guess who it was. Obviously a girl, but really very familiar. Long and loose hair, Loose T-Shirt, Tight Jeans.., almost the same height and size. I still wondered if it was her!!

But I knew it wasn’t her. But still, there was some sort of doubt if she had come back all the way from Texas and going to withdraw money for my evening snacks as she used to do before!

The queue passed… I was the second one… She stood in front of me. But I have to assure myself that it was not her. Then I had to go along with her inside the ATM. 😉 Heart started beating heavily… All I could hear was… lup..tup., lup..tup..!! I couldn’t feel the AC in the ATM. “She is going., at least turn and look now..! Put aside your principles… Look.. It must be your Bestie…!”, idiotic heart kept beating me. Inner mind got jumped in to an other world!!

I completely felt that the ATM machine was God’s gift to me, and the PIN number that I was typing was the pass-code that he gave me to get back to my past and change any one of my mistakes that I am feeling for even now!! ( Might be a bit old! But a new thing that I felt 😛 ) I typed the pass-code and if the above is real, then… pin code I actually got three options…

1)  Accept her…! (But I had to fight for her at any situation…!)

2) Reject her… and talk to her normally…!! (But that would make us so close that MIGHT turn into option number one…!!)

3) Reject her… and Just stop talking…!!! (But that would hurt her a lot…!!!)

I could take the 1st option and enjoy my life @SRM. But that was out of my so called principles.. 😛

The 2nd option, as I explained before, it MIGHT turn into option number one.. =D

I’ll take up the 3rd one!! 😉 But, I might have lost an Awesome BESTIE… 🙁

But even now that is the case. I lost her!! But I accepted this life! It’s different and nice 🙂 Even though we have no contact, hope she too feels the same and fine. 🙂 She is my Bestie still!! I’m her Bestie!! This will never change!! We will be the best example for BESTIE (A’m I right Bestie!? 😉 )

This would have been a perfect twist in my life @SRM. These were thought as problems at that time! Hhaha!!! I feel like laughing now!!! 😛 lol Hahhaa…


I’ll catch you soon with an other interesting topic…!! Follow and get updated!! <3

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