A relation, from no where we were connected!!

It was in 2008, I came to know that his daughter was studying in my school.

I went with my dad to have a cup of tea…

“Cheta, rendu chaya.. oru pupps… ippo kaikkan venam”, I asked.

“Chaya randu!!”, he ordered.

“Monu ivide Montfortilano padikkunnathu??”, he enquired.

I was completely blank.

“Enikku Malayalam ariyathilla cheta!!”, I said.

“Are you studying here in Montfort?”

“Yaa., in 8th STD”

“Ohh., Even my child studies there!”

Really!!“, I exclaimed. It was really like a lamp given to me in the perfect darkness. Yaa.., I hardly knew a few words in Malayalam and a bit more better in English to stand in that School in which English was flowing like a river and the students were floating on stream, and I had to struggle against the stream!

Then I enquired on her more…

Days passed by… I saw a girl with a half hair, the so called popcut. I hated it. I really didn’t like to see her any more. Then later found that this was the girl whom I felt like a lamp in my school. But then I thought I have to make my own lamp and throw that popcut lamp out of my way.

popcut lamp :-P

Then I hardly see her once in a day. Then rarely in a week. Days passed by. All those shits happened in Montfort are really remarkable! But I will explain those in coming posts. Now let me continue with what happened to the thrown lamp.

Results came in 2011. My 10th Mark. Felt really awesome.. 9.2 points!!

I chose science stream. I found the thrown lamp again. Ya., I met her again. But now I had no idea who it was, with full awesome hair, uniform chudidhar.. “Omg!! Was it the lamp that I threw away? This glows even better than that I have”, I felt.

I got a chance to talk to her. But I talked to her friend. She was a Muslim. She was also a lamp like her. I did hate her also for some reason. But now she talked awesome, and I felt a positivity towards her. Then all were set fine. I got a chance to talk to my 8th STD crush… 😛 . I swear after 8th STD I never thought her in that way.. (Sorry sister!!). Yaa., everyone calls her Sister. I have no idea why, but had a doubt if she was to become a nun. They three were really good friends and I got added up as a fourth one. This popcut lamp, now the brightest ever  and me started talking. Something happened to me. She was my sister born from another mother. I don’t know how I liked her. She was everything to me in the class times. But I had no chance to tell her all those stuff that I felt. I actually had no confidence to talk to any one (especially girls).

Then, time passed.. we reached 12th STD.

Then I gathered confidence (learnt how to talk to girls 😛 ). Then I talked to her well. She too talked in a sweet way. We talked so much. Then gradually we became really close. Then we talked nonsenses. We adjusted everything. Then our phone numbers swapped. But we never called each other.

She used to sit in the left most corner in the second last bench in the leftmost row. I sat as the leftmost one in the last bench in the middle row.

Hey., come here!“, I whispered.

In the same voice, “Where?“, she asked.

Here! Here!!“, I asked her to come to the right most place in the last bench of her row.

Guessed the reason..?

Yaa.. I wanted her to be near me especially in the physics class. Sir.Binu didn’t bother much on us.

We talked like fools all the time. Attimes something valuable!!

She was there to share all my thoughts. She was there to join Sister and me when ever we had a fight. Normally we don’t fight by words. Our silence is the weapon that we use for fighting.

She was there to correct me on my mistakes..,

She was there to hit me as a sister..,

She was there to lift me when I fell… (fell for people 😛 ).,

She was everything for me.., I wouldn’t say that… but I have to admit 😉

She knew everything of mine I guess!

“You are the best example for a relation, from no where we were connected… How come we are this close?”, I have felt that we are going to be like this forever.

But later understood the reality and moved on further in life. But then I got a call saying, “Hi., this is me Cerin!!”.

Omg., the happiness in my heart swallowed the minute sorrows also!!

Now, she plays a vital part in my life. Somewhere something is striking me when I think of those days in the school where we feel the intense of the friendly and sisterly love!! Just AWESOME and just AWESOME!!!

Then I remembered the other dialogue…

“You are the best example for a relation, from no where we were connected… How come we are this close? We will be together forever in memories at least”

This quote., I mention it to my Bestie too…! <3

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