The Profile Pic I saw….

I logged on to facebook like any other person….

Found a notification popping out…

One in a million profile picture changed! I clicked! My Eyes bloomed….

Then I felt like commenting,

Oh., at last you too…  😉 ” 

And I did…. but I knew that I wont get any response for it, and I didn’t expect also….

Then suddenly a noticeable notification popped out after an hour…

One in a million liked my comment! I clicked…


Then suddenly another noticeable notification popped out immediately…

One in a million commented on a picture! I clicked…

” 😉 “

I felt awesome…. then in a shy, I opened the profile, and went through the pics and then clicked the button that said Message

“HEyy., Hw uu?”

“Hi i am fyn Hw u ?

That’s it for the readers… =D

Boy frnd ennu chodikkumbol wat u ppl mean tym pass uh?”

“ohh., i mean… a boy friend… not ur lyf partner…

nope.. i mean a special friend… who s a BOY like me…”


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