Day 10 – A go on the Way!

Hurried to JavaGreen to meet the two buds. But wasn’t able to meet one. Then had to leave from there after a cup of Cold Milk. Left him alone to Abode and started pedalling towards Guduvanchery. Planned to touch 15 kms.

Reached Guduvanchery station and “Tring., tring.!!”, phone rang.

“Thins, bring my phone when you come!”

“Heyy! I’m in Guduvanchery!! The team boys are waiting for you at Java. Please proceed with the meeting!”

A small pause. “Oh! Okey., fine!!”.

Tried to call my team people to make them meet ASRD team. None were responsive by call. They had waited for the whole day after noon. So, can’t tell them wrong also. Still, have to make sure that at least I’m available at the spot the next time. A good lesson!!

I couldn’t proceed further pedalling, but I had to reach my target. I gathered myself and had a cup of tea and got back to Abode.

I could manage to cover 11.21 Kms in 50 Mins!

Never wear Jeans for a long drive!

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