Day 9 – Energetic Boost of Speed

Unplanned, sudden plan! Totally mind upset for 10 mins. It was a super start of the day and went on so smooth and though I wasted a lot of time, it was worth Physically and Mentally.

Planned to take 10 + 10. It was spoiled at the beginning itself. I took the opposite side through the Railways. Once I came out of the clumsy road, it said, 5 Kms in 20 mins. Then I took the pedal into the MM Nagar side. Reached some 9.02 Kms and had a tea. Reduced my goal to 16 Kms.

Finally, headed back from MM Nagar as 12 kms. I had to wait for the Train to cross. But then I felt something bad and my instinct asked me to get back to Abode. I got back and rode inside and attained 13 kms.

The Speed was maintained well and thus got exhausted with the distance!

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