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Completed with 7.7 CGPA in SRM University. I was more towards building products and a worthy team than increasing my CGPA.

Here is a short article by Inception Wave about my journey in SRM.

I’m excited to share with you all a few points before sharing one of the notable tracks of my journey during my college life.

  • I’m an average student by academics.

  • I never passed my Maths exam in college.

  • I had <70% attendance in at least 2 subjects in final year.

  • I hardly remember reaching my class before the right time.

  • At most I read once, to write my exams

  • My scores range from 6.9 to 8.2 GPA

  • I’m still not sure if I screwed up aptitudes or it screwed me up.

  • Built-up two communities for the tech geeks and the soulful writers before ending my college life.

  • Received the Inspiring Student award in Hostel.

Beginning my college, I was so much interested to work with computers and I badly wanted to enter Google or Microsoft, lol. Later on, I got to understand my strengths and weaknesses and put my efforts into VFX and Designing in the first year and then kept building up my strength in other Domains like Web, Mobile Apps, Game Development, and Writing poems and blogging.

With the strengths I had, I joined a few clubs within the campus to provide my skills for them. Later on, I started helping my seniors for their Design and VFX requirements. I started working with different NGOs to provide them with their tech requirements. I used to sit with them day and night to complete their requirements. When the projects kept coming day by day, being piled up… I began forming a small community of 7 juniors who were potential tech geeks and named the community as Think-Digital. From then my juniors were all my strengths. I helped them learn all the Domains in which I was stronger. I ensured that I help them think independently to choose their own career and to take life decisions.

I’m glad that my juniors accepted my way of dealing with their daily queries, which helped in forming a larger team whenI reached my final year. By the end of my final year, the juniors helped in registering the club officially in SRM.

Now, we are a community of ~200 handpicked individuals who are so much kindhearted and purely wonderful souls. One hundred percent lovely buddies!

After my college life, I went through the placements. All the experience in building up the community and the knowledge of building up live products, helped me crack a few interviews. I chose to work for a company to help my juniors in every possible way. I still keep visiting them in college for monthly meet-ups and speak to progress personally on their queries which are mostly not technical but about leading a happy life!

I just love spending my time speaking with them, helping them with their needs. I love giving them opportunities to get exposed to the reality outside the college life.

Now, I’m done with an MBA in Marketing Management in correspondence, I’m currently working for Cloudera, an open-source BigData company using Hadoop! I spend quality time for the communities, Think-Digital, and High4Teens before and after my office hours.

I help College Students, develop skills to achieve their career goals by Mentoring them through Think-Digital!

I am a Mentor & Listener at Think-Digital. I pick up the passionate students from the team and provide personal and contextual mentoring to develop their skills based on their interest and passion.

I dedicate my time, mentoring the college students to cultivate the skills required to work, exposing teamwork right from product development to kickstarting a business, with management and leadership skills.

Enthusiastic about contextual concepts and decentralisation, I’m currently exploring Blockchain in ETH flavour, and also finding possibilities of applying Blockchain in the educational sector!

I have found my path and leading a happy life with my family, friends, and my 200+ juniors! 

Key points to keep in mind during your college days:

  • Stay in touch with your seniors daily/weekly.

  • Keep up a good relationship with your juniors daily/weekly.

  • Do not worry about placements or higher studies.

  • Just live life, by the way, it takes you!

  • It’s ok to lessen your dreams for your loved ones! Just stay happy! REAL Happiness!

  • Learn from what you observe in people’s lives!

If you are a student or teacher who can independently form a community to mentor college students in your college aligning to the vision, feel free to connect with me or just email me: thina.gst@gmail.com

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