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Motivation vs Discipline

Same pinch! Showing up on Camera is a Nightmare for me too!!

Last year, I gathered a lot of confidence to show up on camera.

But, it vanished!

I hardly spent 30 minutes, twice on camera to speak the things I had in my mind to educate college students.

I could convert them into short videos with the help of some passionate college students to share across my socials.

Yet, my courage to face the camera is lagging.

Interestingly, some of my people think that I’m great at speaking in front of the camera, by looking at the outcome of the reels.

But, No! That’s not the real me, haha!

I realized it, when Sruthi Rangarajan pointed out, “No, this is not you!”.


Out of the 30 mins in front of a camera – more than 20 minutes were merely bloopers.

But, it was all worth it!

However, how people see us on video should be authentic right?

It reminds me of the efforts I had once put to speak in front of an audience face to face.

Instead of faking until I make it, I want to go organic in showing up my face on camera.

Showing up daily, even for just 5 seconds.

This will help me be on the internet to share values and experiences seamlessly.

I believe it will also help you if you’re also committed to this process.

I’m documenting this journey in public – #FaceOnVideo daily on IG; today is the third day!

Are you a college student, and if you’re interested in joining me, leave comment below.

We’ll create an accountable group to support each other, and keep up our enthusiasm!

Cheers to your growing Confidence in front of Cameras 🚀

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