Successful people ride 3 Horses at a time

How many do you ride?

Last day evening, as we gathered for our Dinner routine at my home, my dad spoke about an analogy, which was a great perspective to look at our efforts in life.

Wanted to share it with you, as you’ll also love to read it!

Even if you do not know how to ride a horse, you’re a Horse Rider;

and in fact, you’re at least riding one right now!

The three horses that my dad referred to are:

✅ The Work we do for Money

✅ The Family for which we’re Responsible

✅ The Self for whom we’re Accountable

These 3 horses help you live a better life, in peace!

It’s important to ensure we Feed, Train, and learn to Ride all three of them together.

💭 Remember,

the three are tightly interconnected:

❇️ Your Family and Your Self cannot sustain if you do not have any Work, to Feed you.

❇️ Your Work and Your Self will not be great if you’re having a tough time in your Family.

❇️ You cannot do good to Your Family or Your Work if you’re not keeping up Your Self sound.

😕 Unfortunately,

during college days, we mostly tend to just focus on one horse at a time. We think that we’re racing, and focus to speed on one thing.

man riding horse

What most of us are not aware of is that when you ride a horse, you do not leave back the other two horses. You’re just pulling and dragging the other horses, which will make you or your horse tired and might stumble soon.

Adding a little more effort, you can start riding two at a time.

If you notice, most successful people are good at riding at most 2 horses at a time.

The key to this is, they know when to prioritize which horse.

Think about it. How many horses are you riding right now? One, Two, or Three?

Let me know in the comments.

Speaking of Horses, a couple of months back we visited a beach in Chennai where Tindel wanted to ride a Horse, and here’s a collage photo from that occasion.

Thank you, it helps! 🙂

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