Do you have your special book?

Share Your Best Moments and Watch Magic Happen ✨

Imagine you have a special book where you put pictures and stories about your everyday favourite moments 📖

You want your book to be super amazing, right?

✅ So, you start doing your absolute best every day!

You want to fill your book with the valuable moments, right?

✅ So, you start doing valued stuff!

It’s like a secret recipe for being awesome.

You don’t want your book to be boring, right?

✅ So, you always want to do more and more exciting stuff, to fill up the book!

When you start doing this every day, something amazing happens! ✨

Doing this every day makes you better and better.

✅ It’s like growing into a superhero version of yourself!

Then all of a sudden, many people start to see your book!

And when they do, you feel responsible to be a super valued person, because your book showed all your valuable works in it.

🌟 When things are shown publicly, your words become like magic spells in your life.

They believe that you’re a valuable person, and they start trusting you.

Even if you happen to miss out on something that you’ve said,

they will ensure you do what you said in your special book.

Now, imagine your special book is like a cool online diary.

You share it with the world, and everyone cheers you on! 🌟🚀

Guess what?

Your special book isn’t just for show; it helps you grow and become an even more Amazing Human!

Have you started writing your special book? 🚀

PS: This is what I’ve been doing online for almost 8 years now on more than a couple of online platforms. The purpose was to blindly document what I feel, until the last year when I started documenting with a purpose.

If you’re planning to start your documenting journey, don’t overthink.

Just get started! 🚀

Cheers to your documenting journey!

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