Start Now! Don't regret it later.

What I did in 2013 unknowingly, I’m doing it knowingly now!

In 2010, my dad bought the first desktop in our home.

The sole purpose was to do my extensive school projects in class 10.

Of course, we don’t use our computers only for project work, right?

I was in my 10th grade. I was so fascinated by the tool called PhotoShop through my classmate.

He was a designer, and I wanted to become a designer too.

So, I kept exploring the tool and gradually improved myself to a point where I could replicate designs by seeing tutorials, as I reached my 12th grade.

Knowingly or unknowingly, I was sharing those works on my Facebook timeline, along with the other happenings.

Never did I ever imagine that, after almost a year since then, it was going to be a turning point in my life.

Yes, during my second semester of college, one of my classmates looked at my Facebook timeline and said, “You’ve used the pen tool with a lot of details, would you be interested in working in our club?“.

Life changed since then!

It was the first ever encounter of how important a Portfolio is.

All I was doing back then during my school days was documenting my work and the things I’ve been undergoing regularly.

It had kept me noticeable and authentic.

I‘m grateful for the decision to document my works and happenings back in 2013!

If you’re a college or a school student and have not started to share your work online, kindly start doing now! Don’t regret it later!

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