One Fundamental Tip

It’s the best thing you can do in your college

This one fundamental tip will shape you up as a better human, a better leader!

It’s the best thing you can do in your college!

📌 Build your loyal circle of juniors who will support you throughout life.

You may ask why! Here are a few solid reasons, why you should consider being a good senior to your juniors!

✅ By having a closed circle of juniors, you get to keep each other accountable for your goals.

Most of my plans were first told to my juniors, and they kept me accountable by asking, “You said that you’ll be doing this, when are you starting?”.

✅ When you teach, you learn twice; you also know your level of awareness.

Most of the time, I got to expand my awareness by opening up myself to them. When I speak something new (for me) to them, and they’re like “Anna, this is something I’ve already seen” or “Students have evolved in the last year, this stuff doesn’t seem fascinating any more”, etc.

✅ You become a better leader, only when you realize someone is learning from you.

This one’s obvious, when someone is meeting you regularly and getting influenced by you, you don’t want to commit the crime of misleading them falsely.

✅ Not only will you become a better leader, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of your abilities.

This is the ultimate one, where most of my capabilities and raw talents were caught red-handed by these juniors who ask, “How are you doing this, na?” and “How are you able to manage a lot of things together?”, etc.

There are many more explicit and hidden reasons behind it, but here are just a few things I could write down together.

What do you think about this?

Do you have your own loyal set of juniors?

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