Being a Tangent is a Skill

What specific challenge did you face in college, and how did overcoming it shape your motivation?

One of the hardest challenges I faced during college was to say ‘NO’ to my newly met hostel buddies! 📌

Ask yourselves, How dare you be to say ‘No’ to your roommates and hostel friends?

Seriously, it was one of the nightmares. 😨

Yet, I had to take a call on going with their flow or reject them every time they called me out for a weekend trip or a movie night.

Of course, I went with their flow for almost a semester. But, gradually shifted pace to a point, where they understood my efforts and left me to do my work.

It was tough but worth it. 😇

I’m deeply grateful for my first-year hostel buddies, who supported me by understanding my contrast in thoughts.

I was not left alone, because what happened to me was finding like-minded pals who resonated with my ‘workaholic’ vibe.

After a couple of weeks, I realised that the vibes never matched with any other circles as well. The mismatch in vibe kept continuing from circle to circle, and I wasn’t matching a full vibe with any of the circles.

BUT, one thing I could consciously say with all my wits, and for which I’m still grateful, and will be grateful for is

None of these circles forced me to stay or leave. I had a choice!

It was because, in every circle I was a part of, I had a 2% vibe match. When the 2% occasion comes in, I’ll be in touch with them and then disappear. Not so proud, but that naturally worked out.

✅ This has helped me be part of many friendship circles, rather than one.

Looking back on my college days, I see many different sets of people spread across the country, with different interests and domains.

✅ I felt like a tangent to all those friends’ circles!

✅ I also feel that being tangential can even be cultivated as a new skill.

What do you think? Would you be tangential?

According to you, is that a skill to be cultivated?

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