Your honeymoon period in company is misunderstood

Here’s what you need to know about your probation period

Woke up late this morning, with all the muscles aching! Wanted to share something with you all which had been in my mind for weeks. The reason why I don’t want to miss sending these letters to you is that I want you people to know the things happening in my life, and also my thoughts. And, more importantly, you people are on top of my priority list too and that’s why I convey anything first to you people before sharing it anywhere else.

After college, most of you prefer to work for a company. Some of you have got that opportunity and most of you are yet to get it. All of you people definitely understand the value of getting a job more than anyone!

On the other hand, some people have no idea how they have landed a job in some great companies. Most of them do not understand the efforts put up by a person throughout college life to get that great company. They do not understand the value of a job. Sometimes they tend to take it for granted. But, one day they will realize the value and try to fit in there when it’s already late.

Regardless, of what category you belong to from the above, did you know that your probation period is when you are actually shaping yourselves for your career?

If you already know this, well and good. Yet, most of you consider this period to be a transition from college to the corporate phase. Though it sounds valid enough theoretically, it is not adequate practically. Why?

Because what you study as part of academics in college is not a match to what you’ll be expected to do in your company. This is the time you need to utilise to tune up your skills to match the industry standards, not just in terms of your tech skills, but also your soft skills. 6 solid months is no fun.

6 x 22 working days per month – 1 leave per month = 126 working days. You are being paid for all these days, given a place to work and even treated with meals and snacks for free all day in some companies. With these add-on benefits, all you are expected to do is to undergo the pieces of training with care and understand the company’s products/services better. Interact with employees and build your connections and get exposed to the environment soon.

In fact, exposure to these industry standards in all the terms should be obtained during your college days, or at least during your final year with the help of your senior or an industry expert. If you have missed such opportunities during your college, the probation period is your grace period.

That’s why the company gives you this grace period of 6 months (1/8 of your college) to hone your skills in the relevant stacks and tech needs. Only the ones who perform well after this half-year will be given a chance to work with their products/services. This is usually considered an achievement, and you get a letter of appreciation or a certificate of recognition. Yes, indeed it is.

The people inside the company might call this a honeymoon period where people can work leisurely and take time to learn things without major commitments to the product or customers. Usually, this honeymoon period is at least when you get attached and bonded with the company. It builds up a good relationship between you and your peers, which would enable you to work efficiently as a team.

But, mostly this tempting term is misunderstood. Most newly joined employees are considering this to be a period they can enjoy the most. Of course, you are done with your college and you are living on your own money. It may be tempting to have the best fun which you have not enjoyed in your college. But, the enjoyment should be measured before you utilize them all.

And, my dear guys who are into R&D as freshers, please understand that R&D is the fancy corporate term used in most product companies to not offend you or embarrass you for being taken into the company! R&D for freshers is nothing but you are not considered eligible to work for a company’s product. I agree, that some of you are lucky to get the best mentors during your R&D. You guys are safe and you have another chance to have a bright future. But, if you feel that you are the master in the R&D team, I bet you are losing it. Better work on a company switch. You deserve better!


Thank you for bearing with the delay today, and also for keeping this short. But, I believe this adds some value to you!

Thank you,

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