Why should you get exposure to the industry before graduation?

Do you really need exposure before graduation? Why?

In this week’s letter, I’d like to share with you a story that will emphasise the need for exposure to the industry before graduation!

Exposure is the state of having no protection from something harmful. It is also the revelation of something secret, especially something embarrassing or damaging.


This is very true, and it is for this only reason, that the students are kept safe in their schools or colleges from being exposed to the industry. But, after protecting them from harm for 4 solid years, they put them on the battlefield right after their final year and expect them to face all the hard reality. How’s this acceptable? How can every student manage to deal with the hardship on the battlefield?

Consider, a child being exposed to weapons and fights, trained from a small age with one purpose – winning battles to expand boundaries; another child being in the house without any exposure to any weapons or fights.

The child with exposure (Chex) gradually learns how to use weapons, how to fight, how to tackle enemies, etc. He also understands the strategies that real fighters use in the field during his training.

The child without exposure (Chnoex) gets to learn the names of some popular weapons and fights rarely. He hardly gets a chance to touch or feel the weapons in real, as he’s always kept safe at home. He never understood why people fight and never gets the point of expanding boundaries.

The parents of both these children are aware that they will be asked to go for battles one day. They clearly knew that one day they will have to fight. As per the latest info, he is aware that there is a battle coming after 4 years.

However, Chnoex convinces himself that he can very well handle the battle, as he is learning about all the weapons that were used by his ancestors, knows how it works and also is aware of the possible new weapons in the next decades.

On the other hand, Chex didn’t bother about when the battle would come. He didn’t know about all the weapons, but he knew how to use them. He takes care of his weapon and repairs them if it doesn’t work. Though he was interested and curious about the futuristic weapons, he didn’t worry about them until they came into existence.

As usual, the situation of battle arises. But, much ahead of the anticipated time. This was a small battle though, and Chex is a part of it, whereas Chnoex was merely trying to get updates on these small battles, as he was mentally preparing himself for the bigger one. Similar battles come and go every half year and the same thing happens.

Now, the 4 years passed and the actual anticipated battle is about to come. While Chex was doing his regular practices, Chnoex was so serious about finding the apti-weapon to tackle down the first round of the battle. He was preparing for one kind of battle which used to be big during his ancestors’ days, for which he was preparing mentally for all these years.

During the battle, Chex never bothered about who the opponent was. He was more focusing on his vision to expand boundaries. However, Chnoex was focusing on those specific opponents whom he learnt about and kept targetting them. He didn’t bother if they were actually their target. Blindly, he followed other people and based on what he heard from his ancestors. He was more focused on the pride of knocking down the top targets and was very concerned about his titles and the taste of success in winning the battle.

Days passed. On the final day of battle, both of them are surviving by giving their best! As usual, Chex kept smashing down any targets that came his way, while Chnoex was waiting for his next target, he also fell into a trap which even his ancestors never knew. It was purely the lack of awareness that let him fall into the trap set by some targets. While Chex could easily tackle the trap, as he was focused on any targets that comes to him, and was not distracted by waiting for an anticipated one – it was that random unexpected moment when a Giant Hulky target smashed down a bunch of people, and Chnoex was one among them!

With no other options, Chnoex was captured by one of these Giants and he had to stay in its cell for a certain number of years… … …

I’ll leave it open for you to finish the story!

This is the actual scenario we all face in our college! Most of us are just like the Chnoex. We are all working on academics and forget to get hands-on industry knowledge. Due to this, all we do is prepare mentally and when the placements start, we work on apti and get through the initial rounds of those selected companies. However, towards the end, we end up in those Big Gaint MNCs which puts you into an illusion of high standards, but pulls you down in your growth chart!

It’s time to take action, Now!

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If you are NOT a college student, it’s your responsibility to educate and bring awareness to your juniors, relatives or friends who are in college. What will you educate? Just let them know this:

🔁 Repeat after me!

College is not a place for mere exams and placements!

It’s an open ground to make mistakes and learn!

It’s a place of abundance opportunities!

It’s where you grow your network!

Your network is your net worth!

By saying that, I take leave of you today! Next week, I’ll share about seeking the right info to get the right answer! Until then, take care of yourself and your people!


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