What does it mean to be in the right direction?

If you’re seeking the right direction, you’re already in the right direction


Just reached back this morning, to Chennai. Hence, a short delay in delivering you the letter! Thanks for accepting!! Where did I go?

I travelled to my hometown, Kombai last week for the haircutting ceremony for my kid. Too many objections, suggestions and barriers. We tried to overcome them by convincing people. But, that seemed to be the wrong idea 🥵

Anu clearly said, “Doing something for the first time, regardless of it being good or bad, it’ll always be negated at first, and then eventually be adapted by the generations”.

👊 You don’t have to convince people to prove that you’re correct. Just do what is good for you. People will accept that later and consider that to be the practice. Even if they don’t, it doesn’t hurt you because you’ve done what felt good for you!

Hope you liked the story last week. If you missed it, you can read it here 📜

For this week, here’s the content, curated for you:

🇮🇳 How to seek the right information?

🇮🇳 Your future is hidden, where?

🇮🇳 What makes you Patriotic?

🇮🇳 Self Improvement in Dhanush’s style

🇮🇳 Recommendations

🧐 How to seek the right information?

Aren’t you getting the answers to any of your questions? Even if you get them, are they not satisfying your needs? Why is it that you end up with questions every time you ask for an answer?

Here are my views on these.

We can never get the right answers unless we search for them in the right place. Even if you search for it in the exact place, without a proper question you wouldn’t be able to get the right answer. When your question is not proper, your answers will confuse you more and leave you with more questions.

👉 Seeking your HSP

We all search for the answer for our happiness, satisfaction & peace (HSP) from the people around us. Is that the right place to find your HSP? Seeking an answer for your HSP from someone else would undoubtedly put you disappointed.

It might sound philosophical, but it can be very well understood by thinking in terms of HSP and can be applied to anything in your life!

As most of you already know, the right place to identify your HSP is within you. You need to seek it from your inner self. Now, being aware of the right place to ask your question, without knowing how to seek your HSP, you’re not going to get it.

Learning to love yourself, being contented & subtracting unwanted thoughts and emotions can be the right way to seek your HSP

👉 Wrong Question

If you can’t love yourself and still seek happiness, you’re asking the wrong question.

If you can’t be contented with what you have and still seek satisfaction, you’re asking the wrong question.

If you can’t unlearn/subtract and still seek peace, you’re asking the wrong question.

I agree that being able to ask the right question by ensuring the above points is challenging. None of us has mastered it yet. However, rephrasing the questions every time can help us attain a better question every time we ask one.

👉 What’s the right question then?

The right question is something that you seek. There may be no right question, but there is always a better question that’s more right. In the journey of seeking a better question, we all can live a life with the best HSP – happiness, satisfaction & peace!

🎁 Your future is hidden, where?

Recently, I’ve messed up my daily routine due to the unplanned changes in my stay location.

This never affects my office work, but the things I do away from office work.

My Office work is fuel to my future for which I have the top most priority, but the things I do before and after work destines my future.

For this, I need to keep up the routines clear.

I find routines to be a powerful medium for shaping up the future!

Your future is hidden in your daily routines!

What do you think? What else can shape your future?

🇮🇳 What makes you Patriotic?

Attending an independence day event doesn’t make you patriotic!

Waking up so early to attend an event at 9:00 am was actually a huge effort to be taken.

After my schooling, attending a flag hoisting event has been a nightmare.

I never intended to take an effort, even though I had a love for the country, the flag and the sacrifices!

After graduation, I realised that it’s a simple act of discipline that can be practised by oneself. It helps you boost your discipline!

Keeping up yourself regular at something can build your discipline!

Show up once in a while, but regularly!

It’s a drop 💧 in the ocean 🌊!

Since 2019, I’m ensuring to attend a flag hoisting function for every independence day or republic day, anywhere possible.

Being in my hometown this year, I was not sure if that’ll be possible. But, I didn’t want to miss the occasion this year!🤞

It was fortunate to spend this Independence day hoisting event in the school where my Dad had done his schooling!


🤓 Though I was late for the event, I wanted to show up, and I did.

I’ve added my drop of discipline 💧 to my values 🌊

Thanks to Anu, for making it possible!! 😉

That was not it. On this occasion, a day before the 15th Aug, we also gave away the prizes for the winners and participants of the Open District level Silambam Tournament, conducted by Kombai Sports Academy. What’s Silambam?

It’s an immense pleasure to be part of this event, by sponsoring the cups!

🤙 Self Improvement in Dhanush’s style

Self Improvement pannanum na, Edhu Maass? 🤙

Tap the image and swipe right to read.


What else according to you is mass?


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I’ll see you next week from Bangalore, with a lot of interesting updates.

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