The Unconscious Passion: Day 4

Reached Java and started the cycling from there with a plan of 5+5.

Yes it began slow and steady:

A few mins., later., “Session stats: Time: 17:01 seconds, 4kms, Avg Speed: 14.11 kmph”, it said.

Then, I paused there to take a ‘U’ turn. But thanks to the crowd, they made me to take the next turn.I continued the ride until I get the next cut. It said, “5kms”.

I waited for the cut to come, but there came the Akshaya appartments.

View from Akshaya

The Turn:

“Anna., where do we have the next cut for taking the ‘U’ turn?”

“Go straight, not more than a KM!”

Gathered my strength and rode straight, and got the turn. A few mins later it said, “7kms”. That’s cool. Passion is always good. But we have to be conscious about what we do. Because, it will again take 5 more to reach my Room. It didn’t feel good to take up a 6+6 suddenly. Still, I had no other choice. I took the best possible gear configuration and took myself on the road towards SRM.

A small Feel of Humanity:

Stood there to look at my purse if I had any money. Yes I had my cards and a little cash. I saw a police humming.

“Anna., may I have some water?”

“Yes sure! There it is”, he pointed out the Can. He also added, “Oh! Cycling., huh!? Good., but wait and relax for a minute and then have water. Not just water, any food also”. I heard it and took some time and had a cup of water and asked if he wants. It was a matter of humanity. The feel when unknown people help, is a lot more than anything else. We should help people in need. He gave a good talk and I left place. Then gathered myself to the room and got Raja’s car tyre from the shop and got back to Room.

Coverage on the map:

So, as you saw, I was able to cover 12.54 km. Tomorrow’s target is, 12 kms. Let’s see! 🙂

Keeping up your passion is important. But more important is to be conscious when you work on it.

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