Perfect Focus: Day 5

“Get up Sunil, it’s time”, I woke him up as we were late. He had to leave to home. I thought of leaving to JAVA. Then as he rushed for the train, I just directly started my cycling from the Station. I skipped Java plans.

Non-Stop Initialization:

Took the right pane, and managed to cover a distance of 4 kms in 12 mins. That was the boost. I was perfectly conscious. Still I thought I was slower today. But I had the best speed among the other 4 days.


The best part of today’s ride was that, I was able to predict the kms. Obviously, travelling 2 days through the same side, made me remember them all. When every km approached, my mind said, just (12-kms)kms remaining. Great one it is for a STML guy.

STML means “Short Term Memory Loss”, in case if you didn’t know.

The Half Way:

The funny thing happened, I crossed the road by 6 kms. Opposite to me was a Tea shop.

“Anna., one Milk!”, I said and when I was about to take money for it, I realised that I didn’t have a single penny. Also, not everyone at anytime can show Humanity. I refused to give an excuse. I said to him that I shall come back in a while and get it and not to make it. I left the spot and started my ride of 7 to 12.


Non-Stop Return:

Started there, when I reached around 9, I couldn’t continue with the same speed. So, got a bit slower and lost the avg speed a bit. Haha., but that shouldn’t be a matter now. I managed to reach my room.

I was able to cover 12.41 km. Tomorrow’s target is, 12 kms. Let’s see! 🙂

Java is a form of Distraction 😛

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