The Mid-March Crisis

Dragged myself up, fulfilling the crisis of the month!

Heyyy buddy!

It’s now as exciting as it was while starting to type out the first email to you!

The title of this newsletter is not meant to be clickbait. I really felt a lack of energy during the start of March! I’m kind of back to normal.

Today’s Monday, and hope you’re pumped up today!

Here’s a glimpse of this Week’s Newsletter:

  1. State of Independence

  2. Your Startup vs Your Child

  3. WFH or WTF?

  4. Workcation at Boat Houses

  5. Blockchain & Crypto for Beginners

  6. TD Network – Idea, Goal | Community Update

  7. Recommended Read | Shoutouts

  8. Some housekeeping…

State of Independence

Parents are a primary factor of exposure in their child’s future!

Exposure comes in handy from the parents who want their children to be independent and responsible!

Being independent is about trying new things, taking on more responsibility, making decisions by themselves, and working out who they are and what they want to be.

It also helps to define boundaries, give pre-teens and teenagers responsibility, and build their decision-making skills!

Achieving this state of independence is a crucial part of the journey to adulthood.

What do you think about parents being a major factor in their child’s exposure?


No confusion, right?

You all know what that means. During the initial pandemic days, when I started seeing WFH, it confused me with WTF. I’m sure most of you would have felt the same.

Now, when we say work from home does it really have to be a work from home? Anywhere you work from other than your office is so-called work from home. Isn’t that right?

Of course, you can’t mention work from the garden, work from the airport, work from a platform, work from relatives’ guest house, etc. That’ll be too hard to understand right? How about we talk about WFG, WFA, WFP, WFRGH, etc? lol.

Very Funny Lol GIF By Lil Yachty

Work from home doesn’t really have to be working from home, but working somewhere outside the office!

Your Startup vs Your Child

Have you ever imagined comparing your child with your startup?

No idea from where I got this thought. But, I wanted to share it out here!

a snippet of my post from linkedin

Workcation at Boat Houses | Alleppey & Kumarakom

Kerala’s Backwaters is a definite Bliss. I’m sure most of you will love this ride on the houseboats of Kerala and would have imagined making a stay here at least once in your life, but have you imagined moving into a houseboat for weeks to work?

Workcation presents a wonderful opportunity to do so. There are rooms, kitchens, WiFi etc, which are required for your workcation. So why don’t you try that once?

Might be a costly one but definitely worth it if you can afford it.

Wonderful boat house with the best sea food - Review of Lake View House  Boats, Kumarakom - Tripadvisor

Blockchain & Crypto for Beginners

For all the crypto enthusiasts out there, Binance Academy is a great educational platform.

Although I don’t trade/invest using Binance, I’ve found their academy useful to learn more about blockchain, the metaverse, NFTs, smart contracts and so much more.

They also have an “Earn & Learn” program which rewards users with free tokens after they complete short courses, such as reading specific blockchain and cryptocurrencies related articles.

They keep adding new courses and more material regularly, which is of high quality and easily digestible.

Learn everything you want to know from Binance Academy!

TD Network – Idea, Goal | Community Update

We’re at 139 students right now in the current Think-Digital team and 160+ students in the network! The aim is to have 500 students by the next year!

As you all know, I’m working on a vision with the idea of providing exposure to passionate engineering college students who are enthusiastic about computer tech in terms of their domain of interest. The goal is to impact more than 1 lack student in the next 5 years, to ensure that they work on different software products before they try to join a company or start their own!

In that vision, where I have made a couple of user interviews to figure out what the users wanted. If you are a student and want to be part of this journey to help the students’ community, let’s discuss a couple of ideas to kick off.

Recommended Read

If you have an infant in your family, you should probably share it with his/her Mom.

The Author is not a brand ambassador for superbot toms. She’s just a mom who had missed so many things while she had cloth-diapered her baby and learnt things on the go lately. She’s sharing her experience to make things easier for new moms!

Some housekeeping…

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