My mistakes that I don't want you to repeat!

Don’t let your 2 hours ruin your other 22!

Heyy you!

Hope you are doing well. Please take care of the ones around you.

In this week’s newsletter, I’m speaking more about my experiences last week and the solutions that can help you as well. Please read until the end and let me know if that helped you.

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  1. Weird Wednesday

  2. Holi Thursday – 2 Corporate Lessons for you

  3. Being on top of your Pocket Money

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Weird Wednesday

Last Wednesday, after I woke up around 10:30 am, all I did was nothing. I simply sat down and did nothing!

I didn’t find a purpose to get out of my bed.

No phone, no music, nothing, just blank though!

Hours passed by… pulled up everything and I got back to work!

If you have been following me on LinkedIn, you would’ve already known this. But, what you won’t know is, how did the transition from being restless to normal take place out of nowhere!

At first, even I didn’t realize how I could change my mood from being restless to normal.

After realizing it myself, I felt that every one of us will need this someday or the other!

You can always take a power nap and cold shower to get things back to form!

In addition, there are simple tricks you can follow:

  1. Think aloud. In other words, puke your thoughts out as words without emotions.

  2. Ink silent. In other words, pen down your thoughts with emotions until your hands become heavier than your brain.

You can choose the best one for you at the moment, and go ahead with it.

Don’t let your 2 hours ruin your other 22!

Always worked for me! Feel free to share it with others!

Holi Thursday

2 Corporate Lessons for you

It was a Holiday, and a Holi-Day indeed. Belated Holi wishes!

But, I made a mistake, which I don’t want you to make in your job.

I and Anu had wanted to go for a trip with the family during this visit to hometown. Though my dad couldn’t make it, my Mom joined us to have a wave of peace, off the routined life!

The entire trip was purely for the family!

The time spent was nowhere missed there. Of course, I didn’t even think about the office or other work.

After the trip, on Friday I started my day with all the enthusiasm. I was a bit curious about what would have happened during my absence in the office. I opened Slack and scrolled the threads, mentions and DMs.

One of the DMs read, “Hey Thina, let me know once you log in!“ dated Thursday. I started assuming things, like would it be for any new issue… have I missed something last day?… no no.. maybe to check if I’m online etc.. It occupied almost an hour.

This is a big mistake. It seizes your day off your plans!

Later that day when I logged in, I replied, “Yes, I’m in. What’s up?“. Nothing serious at all. All he wanted to check was about an issue that I had previously resolved once.

There was no meaning in thinking too much about it. So,

Corporate Lesson 1

Never open and read office messgaes before starting your office hours.

Alt Mind says, “Why can’t you just reply to the message and get to know, instead of assuming things?“

Why would you want your office pals to know that you are thinking about the office when you are off the shift?

Corporate Lesson 2

Never respond to DMs, or the messages that mention you or ask anything that is needed from you – outside your office hours.

Simple two lessons, but this will help you set boundaries in your office space.

If you find it worthy, please share it with your friends.

Being on top of your Pocket Money

Before every weekend, find some time to review your spending and create a budget. It’s important to keep a clear and precise track of your pocket money and spending.

  1. Review your expenses – Review them and understand your flow of money, what you are spending too much on and adjust accordingly.

  2. Save a portion – You need this! There’ll be times when you are lacking money for a crucial need. You’ll be covered.

  3. Spend for people – Inspite of savings, ensure you spend at least a little for the people around you. You can add this to your budget too.

  4. Estimate your future – Once you have the above understanding of where your money is flowing into, set your goals and plan for your future.

Does it sound useful to you? Please leave a comment on how you save your money!

Thank you so much for reading!

With all the humps and dumps, the month is progressing for many of us!

Let’s take care o f ourselves and the ones around us!

Loads of Care,



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