A destination is never achieved without milestones!

Didn’t want to put this on hold. Hence, want to try out sending emails on your busy Tuesday!

Tuesdays seemed better than a fun-seeking Saturday!

Last two weeks, I had been occupied with family functions, and couldn’t get in touch here. Didn’t want to put this on hold as well. Hence, want to try out sending emails on your busy Tuesday!

Here’s a summed up email of the past week’s post on my Socials.

Relationship vs Business

To all those students in any relationship right now, who think about starting a business together, please don’t!

When you make business with friends, you either win in business or your friendship.

Never the both!

Respect relationships and let any relationship be as it is!

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Students’ Corner

No feedback for your performance – is the most demotivating factor for a student and a poor trait of any company!

A company should select you, or provide you with feedback and improvements for why they haven’t selected you!

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College Seniors

Your college seniors are the best gateways to exposure for your career that’s awaiting your grab!

The best form of learning – after self-learning is learning from college seniors!

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Comparison makes no sense!

Satisfaction is created when you assume to be higher than someone else.

Confidence jumps in when you are truly self-aware.

There is no sense in comparing you with someone above/below you!

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Community Update

A destination is never achieved without milestones!

Here’s another milestone attained by the students of Think-Digital, SRM.

Finding students who are passionate by heart is rare. Finding such students who are also willing to give back to the community is the rarest. This combo of passionate students and students who are willing to give back to their students’ community is priceless in a goal.

It’s all about giving back to the community where you grew up!

The goal is to bridge the gap between passionate beginners and professionals in terms of a successful career.

It’s a pleasure to have these 76 passionate students onboarded newly into our students’ community from SRM University!

Welcome, guys! I’m so happy and excited to have you in our team!

Let’s stay connected, as we have milestones to achieve and miles to travel together!

A group of students meeting together online

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