Ah Try… Ya Trying… Agh Tiring!

You won’t know your potential until you give it a try!

Every time I assign a task to someone new, they tell me, “I’ll try“. I don’t get the concept of this try. Not only in case of an assigned task, but also in the help that’s requested.

Are you a person who tries out something new of your own – at least based on what someone suggests to you?

I’m trying to keep today’s letter as simple as possible, to the point and trying to include some GIFs to explain better!

Let us try this…

If you are trying, then do you aim to attempt for the sake of your acceptance, or do you really intend to accomplish it?

Have you come across any of the below dialogues? Don’t tell me NO! ;p

All your life, we have been hearing from people, “I’ll try“, “Let me try“, “I’ll give a try“, “I’ll try my best“, etc.

All of these mean the same for you, but what it means for you is not the same as it means for someone else!

Everyone says to keep trying and trying until we succeed, but…

What do they exactly mean by trying?

Leave what “trying“ means to someone else. What do you and I mean by the term Trying?

What this “trying” should mean to us?

Trying is a mindset!

For you to try something new, you need an open mindset to accept new opportunities!

Trying is an intent!

Every new try should have an aim to accomplish, not an idea to move on!

Trying is taking a step!

To reach your destination, you need to take a number of steps; trying is the first step of it.

Trying is an effort!

It isn’t how much time you spend on something, but how much effort you put into something!

Trying is advancing!

Every step you make puts you a step ahead towards your goal, and you are advancing!

Trying is a success!

In this world full of excuses, taking the first step to try what you wanna achieve is a success!

Why don’t you kickstart something new, or resume something that you have been procrastinating? What keeps holding you?

Lack of confidence? Doubting yourself? Are you worried about the outcome of your new try?

What could be the possible outcomes? It’s just a matter of a coin flip!

Take out a coin now, and toss it up!

Heads? You may exceed your expectations, in reality.

Tails? You may hardly cross half of your expectations.

Heads? Well and good! I wish you the same! However, this is usually uncommon, because of our mindset. We mostly happen to assume our abilities higher.

Tails? This is not permanent. Relatively, this is quite common in most of us! I don’t say, you’ll always hit the second. You can still exceed your expectations by consistent practice AKA trying!

You won’t know your potential until you give it a try!

You know this already, but as a reminder, we are almost in the 3rd week of February; the 7th week out of 52 weeks in this year!

It’s never late! Pull up your socks!!


Found this great post today on LinkedIn, by Ankur Warikoo – about how you should not approach for a job

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