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I’ll be driving back, starting by noon today!

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The lovely night it is, while I’m typing this out to you…

Excited about going back to my hometown after months! Of course, Anu and Anwi along with my Mom. I’ll be driving back, starting by noon today. I’m with you if you are a long drive lover. I’d invite you on a trip with my family!

Let’s take a peek at the contents of this week:

  1. You have felt this, right!

  2. Idea x Motivation

  3. Only that evolves, is an Idea

  4. Shoutout for the Week

  5. Job searches are always challenging

  6. Memory of the Week

  7. Recommended

You have felt this, right!

Generally, everyone feels this. If you are a social media scroller, you’d probably feel this from the bottom of your heart. Every quote you read brings you a thought.

On a sad day, when you are lonely scrolling the social apps, have you noticed all the quotes are very timely and sad, that is shown on your feed? On a fine day, when you are highly motivated, the quotes on your timeline will keep boosting you up high. Experienced? Have you wondered why?

It is very simple! Imagine…

Your brain is the container of thoughts; thoughts are solutions (chemically). If you add solution X to solution Y, you get XY. If you add solution A to solution B, you get AB. Any new thoughts your mind generates, mix with your existing thoughts and produce new thoughts, which are just the combination of your existing thoughts and the thought that is generated while you are reading.

Hence, while you are sad, anything you read adds up to it; and when you are happy, everything adds up to your happiness – a chain effect!

Idea x Motivation

There seems to be a chain effect since the start of this newsletter, which keeps me stronger, gives me the confidence of moving in the right direction.

Everywhere I turn around, I see a new idea popping up. Every person I speak to, I see a motivation hitting me up!

The Thoughts in my mind as a memory map for a long time had become an idea last weekend. The Idea that was raw during the last weekend, is now an estimated goal. The estimated goal is being evaluated and should evolve to something concrete or shattered to bring up something new.

This is all a chain effect!

Only that evolves, is an Idea

Others are principles. Do you remember, I had mentioned about subscription-based B2C SaaS idea for students? It has evolved a lot and now it is mostly a B2B SaaS platform.

Just in the last 5 days, the idea evolved meaningfully. I was able to work on the primary Idea, Goal and Features of the platform that I want to build.

It just started last weekend after sending you the weekly email. The Level 1 Ideathon by Arjita Sethi, Founder at Equally & New Founder School was a great addon to the fuel from Sudharsan the previous weekend. In addition to the Idea, Goal and Features, we did explore the Competitive Landscapes and performed a Market Analysis on the Idea.

The process of doing this will blow your mind. You will get to pen down your goals in figures. And, your idea will make more sense to you and be meaningful to others!

Would you like to know the basics of building your idea? Let’s connect via LinkedIn.

Shoutout for the Week

Not every leader realizes the potential leader in him. That’s normal. But,

it’s a leader’s duty to spark this realisation, and ignite the leadership flare!

It was when the heat of the community got the pace. Avichal, who was the lead by then and I wanted to keep up the pace and ensure it is handed over with due care. It was a critical moment to find the right persons to lead. We generally choose two persons to lead the community for the year, and we chose Hardik Garg and Harshit Raj. We couldn’t think of anyone better than these people to lead the team to where we are at the moment.

I still remember speaking 1:1 with Harshit Raj, as we believed him to be the right choice to lead our TD Community. He was initially hesitant about taking up the responsibilities, as he was more at honing his technical skills rather than management skills. I gave him more time to think in this regard and feel free to decide what he believe in. Not sure what magic Avichal did, Harshit agreed to take up the responsibility. Now, in every meeting, I see the questions with solutions he puts up on behalf of the community from both technical and non-technical perspectives. They are highly appreciable and actionable.

Last week, I asked myself, “What if he hadn’t taken this up? Would he still be involved in the team as he does right now?“. At some point, I felt that he would still be in touch with the team, mentoring people technically, taking up product work, etc. He is indeed a leader himself. But, I’m not sure if he would’ve recognised himself as a leader with great leadership qualities.

A huge shoutout to Harshit, for discovering the leader in him, as well as being at the top of every move in the team.

Job searches are always challenging

Starting from the resume building, the tiring rounds of interviews to the nail-biting wait for outcomes.

Even the path to your next job is also lined with tough choices. You may find yourself jumping through questions like – what roles to go for, how to stand out from the crowd, how to grab the best offer, etc.

What’s your best job-seeking advice that you wish everyone knew?

Here is some quick four-word mantra that sums your job-seeking up (Source):

  • Attention to detail matters!

  • You only need one!


  • Be prepared for rejection

  • You are not charity.


  • Be your authen tic self!

Memory of the Week

As usual, Meta (Facebook) throw me back to a lot of memories, and this one felt special.


This is my current read and sounds like a good read to start your reading habit.

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