Productivity starts with Consistency

Ever felt a week passing by in a few hours?

I know, I’m reaching you late this week! But, it’s going to be worth it.

The last 7 days felt like a few blinks. If you did feel the same, then you have been doing something productive 😉

Let’s take a peek at the contents of this week:

  1. Weekend Motivation

  2. Startup idea

  3. Post Office Sprint

  4. Memory of the Week

  5. Lesson of the Week

  6. Quick Hacks

  7. Opportunity Knocks

  8. Recommended Reads

Weekend Motivation

When was the last time you felt complete motivation? I felt it last weekend.

Founder & CEO of Cambrionics, a Bio-Ed Company, which impacts a lot of biology students and also genetic lovers. Sudharsan and I had studied in the same college with just one batch difference. He also turned out to be my relative after my marriage. So, it turned out easier to get a hold of our relationship right from our first meeting at Anu’s home, back in late 2021. Since then we had been waiting to meet and discuss things.

It was a fortunate evening, we confirmed the plan to welcome him to our home. Unexpectedly, we got a chance to visit his office. It was a 3BHK flat filled with their finished products in a room, raw materials in a room, their meeting room etc. Can’t explain the feeling. It was absolutely superb. Someone initiated the convo about Think-Digital and referred to it as a startup. Then I corrected it to be not a startup and explained more about what we do. After all the discussions, we ended up speaking about why is TD not a startup yet.

The next day, he visited our home as well, and some more conversations happened on the same note. Now, it’s more connected and getting to know me more personally. In fact, it was one of the value-adding discussions I’ve had recently, with someone outside our TD community.

I want to share some of the key points from our discussion:

  • Visions are conveyed by Metrics

  • Take a step back and let the team grow

  • Create a system that works autonomously

  • When you find potential, never fail to motivate them

  • Stay honest at feedback even if that’s rude

  • Tell something to be done, and let your juniors think

  • Participate in events & gatherings to grab more exposure

  • Every time you decide something and do not do it, you train your mind to not care for what you aim for

Which one did you like the most from the above list?

Startup idea

As a result of all the above motivation, you won’t believe – I came up with a subscription-based B2C SaaS idea, which helps students to connect, develop skills and also apply them in products & modules to gain exposure right away. In a timely manner, there’s an Ideathon happening this Saturday and Sunday, at 11:30 pm IST, conducted by New Founder School.

Post Office Sprint

This week had gone in visiting the post office everyday morning, to send out the goodies that included the journals, badges, tees, visiting cards for TD community pals. I wish they go in better shape the next time. Need to rethink this process of sending it out to everyone by myself.

Here’s a look at my semi-automated address processing. It aligns the manually updated info in the address format, and I highlight the formatting and get it ready as printed.


I have to work on a quick script that would collect your addresses from our Community App DB and my personal forms to format it in a printable format and send it out as a printable pdf.

Your suggestions are most welcome to simplify the sending process further. Thanks.

Memory of the Week

One major reason to still stay active on Facebook is the memories feature. How many smiles, nostalgic feels & emotions it has brought to me is uncountable. One such memory of this week is the video which put me to rethink my physical fitness. Click to watch the video


Lesson of the Week

Confidence is not about eliminating your fear or stress factors; it is about handling the situation in spite of all the fear and stress factors!

It will be a historic innovation in genetics if you can alter your hormones to eliminate your fear or stress. It is quite impossible to eliminate your hormonal changes. However, it can be trained to handle stress/fear/anxiety. Similarly, you do not have control over your external fear or stress factors as well.

Getting hold of confidence is simply training your hormones to handle situations, in spite of all the fear and stress factors!

Quick Hacks

Slow WiFi? While using a double band wifi modem, have you ever wondered why even the 5G signal is sometimes slower than the 2.4G?

It’s because, the 5G signal is powerful but short in range; 2.4G is moderate, but longer in range. So, the next time you sit in your bathroom and scroll, ensure you are connected to 2.4G for a better internet exp. Below is a video for tech enthuiasts!

Opportunity Knocks

  • Blockchain Dev enthusiasts and BTC believers, here’s an opportunity for you to contribute to the opensource projects based on BTC. Reply to this for more info.

  • AR & VR enthusiasts, if you feel lost and miss pieces of equipment to continue your passion in AR & VR, my friend who is a research scholar at SSN University is willing to help passionate people like you. Reply to this for more info.

    Get Opportunity

Recommended Reads

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Thank you for reading through.

I have been getting messages to make this Weekly Letter open to all, by making it free for at least a few more months! So, I have set this Public. What do you think? Please let me know what you think, and share this with your friends too, if you feel this is worth it!

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