Tea Master's Smartness!

I had once gone with my friend to our usual local tea stall and ordered, “Two tea; one with lesser sugar”.

Though it was a simple order, it was a busy time in the stall. It almost took 900 seconds to get our name called.

When the two tea glasses were placed on the slab after such a delay, I asked, “Which is the tea with lesser sugar?”. He realized that he had forgotten our order to make a tea with lesser sugar amid the hectic timing.

Can you guess what he did to manage the busy time? He had to deal with two things here. One, the delay that he had already caused to deliver our tea. Two, the other people waiting for their tea.

He just added a spoon of sugar to one of the tea glasses, pointed the other one and said this is the one with lesser sugar.

Can’t blame him. He gave us what we asked for. We couldn’t get irritated. We just laughed. He just smiled.

We just appreciated his presence of mind and enjoyed the tea with a couple of butter biscuits and left back to work. Tea masters may not be highly educated, but their experience adds up to their smartness.

Have you ever encountered such smartness from unexpected people? Comment below!

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