Future of Corona Masks | Story

5th November 2525

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… It is 2525 now. Yes, We travelled time! Shockingly, all the humans were wearing masks.

When I asked if Corona still existed, he questioned me what it was. I was confused and asked if there was any other pandemic that demanded them to wear a mask. Without removing the mask he replied, “This is a part of our culture to wear a mask when stepping out of the house and it’s been followed by our ancestors for ages”.

Shockingly, I explained to them the reason to wear a mask and it turned out to be that I had committed a religious crime and they imposed a penance on me.

This imaginary story was shared across in Tamil and I felt is both funny and thoughtful. Hence, sharing it here as well.

A key point to infer from the story is that the humans kept following what their ancestors did for no reason. Even most of the formalities which cannot be explained with science is just being followed because someone started doing it for their reason a couple of centuries back.

Do you know such formalities which are being followed just because our ancestors had once done it for some reason and that is not necessary now?

Hope you liked it 🙂

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