Dear Final years, looking for alterations in your Resume?

Portfolio over Resume

I’m here not to suggest changes to your Resume. There are many sites which can suggest you the best tips. They are just a Google away.

What am I trying to add up here for you?

Addition to your resume as a PDF, create a portfolio webpage that speaks about you. Emphasize your link in the Resume, with info about your interests, projects, contributed GitHub Repos, Blogs, Posts etc which you want to show. It’s a plus if you create that web page yourself. That already speaks about your work.

How to give your best in Remote interviews?

As I had already posted once, remote interviews are a true challenge to express your works. Though recruiters would be willing to see the real work you have done, rather than just hearing what you have done.

Did you know!

Most of the good interviewers don’t have pre-defined questions for all the candidates. They do question based on the perspective you provide them with. The opportunity to screen share is extraordinary which you may not get in offline interviews. Request the interviewer and share y to show your works. This can help you drive the interview in your perspective and not lose control over the meeting.

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