SEE THEM DO IT – An experiment with my team

Last Month’s Lesson

Your team can perform exponentially!

But, you need to do this for them to do so.

You need to plot the plan and coach them to execute it!

Last month, I experimented with a new way of dealing with my teammates, who had a good idea about my vision.

I named it for myself “SEE THEM DO IT”.

Before I dive in, I want to remind you that I work with a team of vibrant leaders, who are working with the college students’ community to provide them with career exposure before graduation.

As the name says, the plan was to literally watch them do it. I put all my trust in my team of leads and let them do all the pieces of work with a little guidance at the beginning. My goal here is to try not to influence them much with what I know.

On the safer side, I also pre-scheduled a weekly Q&A to discuss the progress of their work. As always, they also have the chance to clarify doubts ad hoc, at anytime!

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We have been working on Think-Digital 2.0 – the launch of an online upskilling platform for college students.

It’s been a month, and there’s definitely a lot of learning for the team, and also for me! I want to share all our retrospect lessons for every leader out there, who’s working with any team.

  • Launching a product or an initiative is very easy until you start executing it.

  • It is important to organize & document the tasks and progress.

  • Break down tasks using a rock-to-sand approach. Use mind-mapping tools.

  • You need to initiate a conversation and follow up if you need your members to get things done for you.

Wow! It’s always surprising to see what people learn from you and your work. In most of the cases, we would’ve not even intended for it. It’s all their different perspectives, right?

I usually plot the plan and coach them before my team executes it! But the problem here was that they did not understand the purpose. However, they get to realize the reason why I mentioned that at first, at a later point in time. This approach was not enough for the people who tend to lose interest soon before they actually reach their ‘wow’ moment.

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In the new way, I’ve counted on the trust I had in the leaders of my team and did a couple of things to boost up their productivity. It gave me a few good lessons that I want to share with you:

  • Giving all the freedom to execute does not mean the same for me and my team. They visualize only the tasks & goal, whereas I visualize the entire vision.

  • Coaching them periodically on-demand won’t help them execute. It’ll create more iterations in the work, as they will always have a room for significant improvement when they do it for the very first time without a proper expectation set.

These lessons are not uncommon. However, they are a great reminder to improve the process.

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