Mentorship is not Selling Courses

One simple question we get from almost everyone who has applied is,

“How much does it cost for the 8-week programme?”

This is how the mindset of our emerging students are modulated by the education business!

We could have just asked for a minimum of Rs 99/- per session. But we know the value can’t be limited to the money!

There’s no way we could set a cost for our Mentoring!

The amount of value you get by being in the team after the mentorship programme is beyond your imagination at this moment!

Everything that you want to learn is available FREE in the raw format! But everyone lacks exposure to find the right sources and guidance!

What the top course sellers do is, learn from the hard sources here and there in the raw format to curate a beautiful structure for your learning and provide you with a roadmap!

The set cost is solely for the curation and not the knowledge itself! The knowledge you get is priceless.

I’m not against it! Also, I’m not in favour of it.

When you pay money for what you learn, the relationship halts there. Forget the support you may get after that as you are just a client for the sellers.

After learning from a course, you’ll buy the next one to learn the next stack and this keeps going on! What skills do you learn there, other than the technical tips and hacks?

Mentorship is not selling courses!

It’s about building a relationship with the career-passionate people who seek knowledge and ensuring that they achieve their long term goals.

That’s the focus of our mission, WPS! If you are wondering what WPS is, do find more info here.

We are already getting more registrations than we expected. So, we are planning to limit the seats to the first 100 participants outside SRM University, KTR campus!

Please note, the recruitment process consists of 2 different streams for the people in SRM KTR and people not in SRM KTR.

If you are a passionate person, who cares about your career in the longer term, Think-Digital, SRM is your dream place!

Register here, and become a part of our vision!

DM your queries! The inbox is open!!

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