Aptitude was my problem and my Attitude was their problem!

I sat for placement for one of the so-called Dream Companies!

Not sure who dreams to join these companies, to call it a dream company, lol. 

Back to the point,

After clearing the aptitude and coding tests, the third round was a very generic round, in which I was asked questions from different domains including cloud, networks, web, mobile, internet of things, etc.

I answered every question with the understanding I had by that time. To my surprise, I cleared that round.

In the fourth round, probably the second last round I was asked a lot of questions in the theoretical aspects of coding.

Surprisingly, I did not know any answers.

Then their question turned out to be, “How did you come through your coding round?”, suspicious!

Then they asked me to write a logic for identifying the prime numbers!

I gave them the O(sqrt(n)) solution. They thought I learnt it by heart. It was quite a common problem though.

Then they jumped back to the point, that I did not know any answers to their theory questions.

They asked me what I know other than coding. I said I know very little of the theory that was taught in college and most of my strength stays in applying what we learn to a project.

Then, she questioned what all languages I use to develop the projects.

I started listing all that was used, including Ionic, Angular, Firebase.

Never expected to get hit here.

Her, next question was “What’s FireVase?”.

Instead of answering, I said, ” It’s Firebase!” and answered further about it.

Everything went well and I waited for my result with full confidence.

The staff who knew me very well from my college came to me and asked what happened inside. I wasn’t sure of what she’s trying to say, but she said I’m not going to the next round due to my attitude.

That was a complete breakdown!

I learnt that not everyone takes your correction as an improvement. It’s perceived differently.

Every person in their interview would have experienced a similar situation.

That one point that you would have never expected becoming your rejection point!

It’s either you or the interviewer who has the problem.


I take it as an improvement for my next companies!


One thought on “Aptitude was my problem and my Attitude was their problem!

  1. Screw these dream companies and their employees. Start your own company macha!!!

    I need a good ERP software for CNC machine shops but couldn’t find one.

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