Recap of My Top 50 moments of 2021

Launch of High4Teens Web View

Started the year with this major update of viewing the posts from High4Teens mobile app on web using an external link. This is down now, due to budget issues. hehe

Above & Beyond @ Cloudera

“I was assigned with wonderful mentees back then. They are still in touch with me. They were the major reason for this award. The reason for the award from the company/manager is below:

`Surendar received multiple nominations for his commitment to dealing with cases and customer calls. He extends his help to others in their cases and provides a learning experience for them from each of his cases. He has been a great mentor by providing pre and post case management lessons and motivates others to pick multiple component cases.`”

Onboarding TD new recruits

First ever end to end online workshops and interviews in TD, where 13 new people were onboarded into the team. The experience was different, dealing online. We observed that the online medium of events were quite positive and productive.

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A Proud to be a Support Engineer

While interacting with the students community, there is always a craze for development and some unintentionally end up in testing jobs. However, there are other roles that they are aware!

Something that is concerning is, they all have a negative thought about the Support Roles. Yes, support role is hectic. But, it depends upon what you support for.

The support team of any product is significant when it comes to the customers’ end of the license. Even if there may be a dependency on the product and they may prefer the same product for the next three years, the level of support that they may purchase can go as downward as their experience was, during the earlier license period.

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Digital Certs for best performers

For the first time, as a token of love, we rolled out Digital Certificates for 8 top performers in my team.

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Stress Poem

“A battle that comes daily in my way,
that I ought to play everyday!
A game that keeps me away,
from all that is in my tray!!
A never ending one
– the stress – is never won!!!”


Kickstarted Blockchain

Blockchain is a trending technology, which has been evolving into Web for the last decade. Thangaraj Anna triggerred the interest in me. I was so interested in the concept of decentralisation and hence started exploring the ups and downs of it. My flavour of blockchain was ETH. Learnt a bit of Solidity & Smart contracts and worked with Truffle & Ganache. I have documented most of them here.

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Explored NFTs

After jumping into Blockchain, who wouldn’t have heard about NFT? It was so facinating. Opened an account with OpenSea and minted my first NFT there. It was one of my favourite quotes back then.

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It looks more like a mixture of Twitter, BitBns, and Opensea, running on #Blockchain. Being in a platform as an early adopter before many Influencers here, are already worth a ton in #bitclout and it makes me feel strong about the purpose of the platform! Find me as gsthina

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SME in Spark

In office, I used to work with Spark & Yarn in Hadoop. Since my interest was more biased towards Spark, I was given an opportunity to explore deeper into Spark. I had completed the roadmap to secure the SME badge for Spark.

What’s Spark?

Baby Shower

Just like the marriage, the baby shower had to happen with a limitted audience. Hence, the closer ones in the family attended the event. Good that we managed a Live coverage of the complete event.

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First WPS Initiative

Free Webinar for 4 categories of people, exclusively for my 1st and 2nd circle here.

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Vaccination 1st Dose

We don’t do anything forcefully by others. We do only what we believe in! I got vaccinated! It is the first camp in our place, and I was so proud of our people’s awareness in our village.

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This was the year when Clubhouse was released for Android. It felt good to get an invite via Bitclout. Now, it seems like anyone can jump into it. I was active there for a couple of months, which helped me learning to speak with strangers with the least stammerring. Follow me on Clubhouse< /p>

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Coffee with Blockchain

After exploring a bit of blockchain and NFTs, some of my friends were interested to hear more about it from me. Hence, organised a session in clubhouse.

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Atom UI Design

Created a sample UI for our Atom team to build up the Web UI, that’s being used by our internal team now; planning to launch this as a SaaS product for other clubs out there. A long way is there to achieve this one though.

Open Atom

Vaibhav’s 5 Days Session

After being into content creation for almost half a decade, I wanted to hear and learn what I miss in the process of content creation, and also ensure efficiency in creating contents. Attended Vaibhav’s LinkedIn session and got a lot of insights in this field.

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DApp in ETH

DApp is ETH looked so amazing, until I started hearing about Matic (now Polygon) Subnet. Though I do not have anything to show on this, I will soon have one.

Created H4T & EPOCH Coin

I was facinated about the concepts of NFTs and Crypto coins, while exploring the process of creation of a simple ERC-20 Contract was quite simple. So, created H4T and EPOCH coin in Ropsten Network.

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Great time at Dindigul

Heard historic family stories from Aachi, joined her in flower fetching, workedout a crossword puzzle with her.

Enjoyed the rain through the window with Thatha, walked together on the Terrace.

We discussed how I got my girl in LinkedIn and also the memories that we had while interacting for the first time sitting on the same sofa.

After this day, a week later Aachi conveyed how much she was happy to enjoy her daily routines with me on that day!

WPS Internal

This was an event of 4 weeekly sessions where the speakers were from our Alumni team, and the audience were internal. This was a great rehersal for our WPS organising team to conduct the external & extended streams.

Return of Arulyan

Arulyan was one of the top performing members in our team. Due to his personal and academic concerns, he had to take a pause from the TD works. Out of nowhere, he popped in someday and sent me a long text, which made my day! Now he is one among our active mentors in our students’ community.

TD Recruitment

Before WPS Extended starts, we wanted to conduct the recruitments within SRM to ensure better audience.

Onboarding SRM Recruits

The recruitments within SRM happened and we onboarded 30 new pals, to allow them participate in the 8 weeks mentorship programme. All the workshops and evaluations of projects were completed in a week span. Special Kudus to the current 2nd years and 3rd years team.

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Tindel Birth

Tindel’s entry to the world is the best thing happened in this year. And, I wrote a letter to her future!

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Devansh’s Gift to Tindel

It is indeed a special gift and honestly the best one so far! The writings made on the gift were in my native language! It blew my mind! Totally unexpected!

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WPS Extended

The most awaited initiative to expand Think-Digital to other colleges. Our team has now the most dedicated members who are aligned to our TD’s vision. This was an 8 weeks mentorship programme, where 64 pals across India from different colleges had registered. We picked 4 pals out of 64 into the team.

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Missing Tindel

As per the customs that the families follow, Anu was in her home for almost 4 months. This was the time when I understood what a real missing feel like.
Though I did stay with her for the initial 2 months per-delivery, I had to get back to my home after a week, once Tindel was born! The feelings were so mixed and complicated that expressing them here puts me into thoughts!

Named Tindel

And the day came where we had to finalize her name. There’s obviously a story behind anything you do. Here is the story of the name, “Anwi Tindel Thina“.

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Redefined TD Vision

After pulling in the external people, we had to redefine the vision more clear to ensure they understand why we do the WPS to expand the team. First of all, we need to ensure, this is not taken for granted. View our vision here, and also what is the impact of this vision.

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Return of Second Years

Good that the 2nd year pals in our team are into your college at least now!

A shift of 1 year to experience the inevitable may have an impact on these pals (un)knowingly!

It kept me thinking and I documented about what the second year pals in my team would undergo on campus right now!

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Shrinking Roadmaps

Shrinking roadmaps were one major process we did in this last year.

Shrinking a roadmap for any student with the help of a Mentor.

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Invited as Judge in SSN

This was a surprise one. Adam Emmanual, one of my extrovert friends did refer me to be invited as a judge for the event Envent.

It was a great experience and challenging to choose the finalist. It was done with the most care. Harsha from SSN organizing team interacted well to ensure a bond between the event and me.

Starting up Community App

Working on multiple projects with multiple internal teams is a challenge in an independent students’ community/team. To overcome this, we started trying out a new method to work on all the products under a single umbrella called, “Community App”. Every project within this umbrella is going to be interlinked and also work as a standalone App. The umbrella is now the home page of the team’s website.

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Regular Weekly Syncs

After trying hard for a couple of years, we have finally got the vision settled in the pals’ mind, and this helped us to ensure a weekly sync; even if I miss attending, the sync happens with care. This is a major process milestone for the growing team.

Met Sairam at Trichy

One of the the very few mentionable close friends! 2 solid years with this guy in hostel. A pure soul for n’ thousand reasons. A beautiful human for many lives. The one who’s always there for you when in need.

Unfortunately, this guy met with an accident when taking his friend to the hospital in a Taxi. Life can take unfair turnings at any point in time. Ensure you cherish every moment!

I wish a speedy recovery for this guy!! I do not remember shedding tears for anyone, but him. Please donate what you can here.


Staycation @ Thekkady

One private trip, most awaited after the marriage! Best part was that, we went in the unseason and enjoyed things at an affordable price. Also, the food is so attracting us back to Kumuli and Thekkadi. Food can be a reason to travel across states!

TD Website Revamp

One of the most essential steps we needed to do as the umbrella product Community App. This acts as the gateway to all the other Public/Private Apps of TD

Onboarding WPS pals

In addition to the SRM recruits, we had onboarded 4 students out of 64 people who registered. They are Sreemoyee from NIT Durgapur, Raghul from SRM Ramapuram, Shubhangi from BVCOEL Pune, Keerthana from PSNA Dindigul

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Found this video to share

One interesting thing which I found in some families was about the concept of Kan Dhrishti. No idea how they came up with such a name. It meant nothing to me. But, while I explain things to them they just hear and don’t bother much. In fact, they talk more of it and convince me. I want them to view this video and feed some truth for their white wolf!

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Moved back to Chennai

We have also moved to Chennai during the early december to learn to live a family life. I am a person who is not used to living as a joint family. We did experience it to a good extent; the advantages of living as an individual family is quite more than living as a joint family. In fact, staying at a distance and loving each other is far better than staying together, holding grudges and surviving until you finally die!

Switched team internally

Being in Cloudera, right from the day 1 of picking up cases I worked on Spark + Yarn. Obviously a few other components too. But, I choose Spark & Yarn over other components.

However, SaaS was something that I always wanted to explore; I did have some idea about it, without any experience. Switched internally from Support to DevOps, where I could code and automate some workflows. This was new to me, but definitely an interesting one.

One down side of this one is, I have shifted from supporting a technology to supporting an application. But, the previlege is the exposure to SaaS world and also AWS services.

Journals Printed

“Based on the feedback from last year, we have made a couple of changes and went for a journal this year!

In addition, there’s a list of all the gems of Think-Digital, SRM listed inside based on their graduation year.

Inside the journal, every page has Think-Digital scripted on it, along with a watermark of the TD logo. It’s an absolute masterpiece.”

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Kickstarted AWS

AWS is a well known and definitely the top of the tech deck. I always wanted to ta ste this one, but felt overwhelming while looking at its n number of services. Switching the team internally is an eye opener for me to explore this space.

Tindel meets Think-Digital

It’s when a personal connection was made with the team and my family!♥️

Leadership is more personal than professional!

Tindel was already wearing a TD badge in the meet!

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Vinoth meets Team TD

After interacting with Vinoth for almost 3 years now, I wanted to share his story that has been inspiring to me, with the other people of our team. Made him speak in front of the gathering! Video should be available shortly. But I have penned it down here.

Personal Reflection

Towards the end of this year, I felt it to be a great time to see me through YOUR eyes. Though self-evaluation did help to a great extent, I believe, knowing me from YOUR perspective will help me improve myself as a BETTER HUMAN and build myself up on what I lack, and that I am unaware. If you haven’t provided the feedback for me, please provide your feedback here.

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Most Facinating Pic

This pic has been stuck in my brain for quite some time. I do not remember from where I found this.

Great learning for the year

People trust your vision; not you! If your mission action makes sense, then the trust in the vision strengthens, and they start trusting you!!


Realisation of the Year

Realised that I do good things, but late; the curiosity fades away by the time I publish. This one is such an example! This one should not be repeated again!

Thank you for reaching here!

If you may want to know more about me, read more about me.

If you already know me, gift me with a feedback here.

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