Is it true that our Schooling System is burning out?🔥


Indeed, the Schools are burning out 🥵

This may not be a Transition for the Education system itself, but the perspective towards it!

For the parents, the last 18+ months had been tougher handling the new ecosystem enforced by the pandemic; dealing with their kids at home.

However, it should have brought up an idea (I believe and wish they have) that their children have to be taught the fundamentals at home.

Not asking them to teach, but

Making them understand the need to search the internet and learn what is needed; and

Helping them understand the importance of learning for their future, the quality of choosing the good from the mix of good and bad.

So, are you thinking if schools or colleges should exist?

Schools/colleges should definitely exist;

only to help the students collaborate socially and not force them with the predefined curriculum.

The maximum predefined effort of any school can be to provide them with a checklist of things they have to learn, and an authentic source to learn.

If they are taught the fundamentals of learning at home, they will clear their checklist like a pro.

I truly believe, there is a need for change in the perspective of our education system.


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