Thinking is Simple, but Actionable is hard!

Thinking is the most important thing that anyone can do to be successful.

How simple is that, isn’t it? You just have to think! Yes, you just read it right.

If you are a person who is already thinking, are you winning it already?

It is not possible for everyone to think and take an action. But, why? Thinking is as simple as that, right?

Well, let me explain!

Most of us cannot stop thinking. But, that you cannot stop or take control over, is not the thinking I’m talking about.

As a human, you can look at a person requesting water from someone else and think about you having water. But, you can also think and respond that you have water and initiate being kind.

As a student, you could think about your next plan while hanging around with your friends. But, you could better think about making your upcoming weekend productive and take an action about it.

As a graduate, you could think of the days you had wasted and regret the opportunities you might have missed. But, you could think about the possibilities and take an action to leverage your experiences into life lessons for the juniors.

As an old person, you can sit in an empty room and think about those days when you had a lot of people to make fun with. But, you can also think about your growth and take an action, attempting to answer your purpose in life.

But, you may have a question!

thinking clip arts

Surendar, I usually think a lot about my future, about being productive and successful! Why am I not successful yet?

Appreciate that my friend. Yes, but sorry! You have been thinking too much about it, that you may have missed the action part which I have been talking about from the beginning.

Thinking might sound simple, but there is a mandatory action that is formidable!

Thinking should be followed by an Action!

What do you think?

Your action is to comment and let me know what you think about this thought!

PS: I am thinking about connecting dots via Think-Digital, SRM by generating Student leads to expand my vision in different colleges.

My action is to create contents to network with you.


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