Misunderstanding arises, if you Miss Understanding something

A couple of weeks back during one of our leads sync up at Think-Digital, I accidentally lost my temper which lead to misunderstanding!

I usually keep myself calm in most situations and keep up my temper under control.

But, on that day I lost it.

It was because the progress of the team was relatively very less for 2 consecutive months.

After this happened, there was not even a single leads sync that happened with everyone together.

Misunderstandings can happen in a team.

Even at the topmost layer of a professional team, misunderstandings happen.

It’s all about how we deal with any such misunderstandings.

Instead of just overthinking the situation, I felt more competent to open up what I have been caching in my mind.

After a month of their Academics break, I opened up with two of them whom I suspected to feel bad about my behaviour.

It looked like they had even forgotten that situation and it has been a one-sided misunderstanding within me.

I feel sorted out now.

According to my thought, the best way to deal with misunderstandings is to open up yourself!

Is it easy to understand that you have misunderstood something or someone?

How do you deal with misunderstandings?


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