Investing & Earning before graduation is not Myth!

Handle your Elephant like a Mahout

This week, I have a lot to share with you! Let’s touch some finance this week, and go over improving yourselves from where you are right now in 2 months, and then learn how to handle your big elephant like a mahout.

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Anu and I had been looking to invest our money in something other than Gold, and finally ended up doing so, in real estate. We have booked an empty plot, with an anticipated yeild of at least 2x growth in the next 10 years. The kind of investments you need to look forward should be long-term investments.

Saying that, as a college student if you are able to save 1000/- per month, you can buy more grams of gold within a year!

Investing and earning before graduation

You can surprise your mother a necklace even before you graduate. You can add your part to your sister’s marriage. You could use it as your investment for your startup or your dad’s business when you need it. You wouldn’t imagine the the growth it has.

To give you a visual, let’s assume that in 2017 you were in your 1st year and you had saved 1,000/- per month. You could have bought 4 grams of gold on 31st March 2017. Before you completed your final year of engineering, by May 2020 you will have Rs.18,000/- worth gold, which is now Rs.20,500/- worth of gold today.

What if you were able to do this for all your 4 years? A simple math will tell.

1,000/- per month = 12,000 per year!

  • 1st year = 4 grams (3000/- per gram)

  • 2nd year = 3.7 grams (3200/- per gram)

  • 3rd year = 3.6 grams (3300/- per gram)

  • 4th year = 2.8 grams (4250/- per gram)

Total: 14.1 grams that’s worth at least 73,320/- when you graduate!

Think about having almost 75k before you graduate. What all can you do with that money!! What will you do with that money?

This is no myth. Most of your parents do this with the aunties and uncles in your neighbourhood save small money every month, or sometimes even week to invest in that big thing for you! Yes, ONLY FOR YOU!

Why not, make their efforts simple by taking your first step towards investment before you graduate?

5 habits to improve yourself in 3 months

  1. Cut off bad friends, because they aren’t going anywhere. All they do to you is, hold you back!

  2. Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes.

  3. Don’t overeat to get bloated. Eat regular, small, 4–5 meals throughout the day.

  4. Develop one skill of your choice and practice it every day. writing, drawing, or reading. There are definitely free resources to get started.

  5. Educate yourself about life by reading philosophy. It may not be from the world’s greatest thinkers, but from your seniors who do great things in life.

You must learn to live a good life. It doesn’t come up naturally!

Handle your Elephant like a Mahout

For the first time in my life, I’m facing an audience of 150+ members!

Last Friday, I got a chance to speak at St. Joseph College of Engineering as the chief guest of the event, along with Vinoth, who made this event a big one.

That was my biggest elephant so far!

It was the first time I’d spoken as a chief guest, and also in front of such a big audience.

Though I was confident in speaking with students, it was a huge milestone for me!

No matter how many times I have spoken in front of my small group of Think-Digital Students’ Community people, this was a very unique experience that night before the event.

I literally visualized an audience and pretended to be standing in front of them. I practiced what I’d say and how I’d speak. It helped me face the bigger audience for the first time without failing.

I can’t imagine how the night before that event was. Though I had planned to sleep early to keep up my best energy during the event, I couldn’t sleep until 4:30 am. I forced to sleep for an hour and reached the venue at 8:00 am.

I was not nervous but excited about standing in front of a big audience for the first time.

Every time you are doubtful about doing something big, even though you have never done it before, VISUALISATION helps. Visualisation is the strategy for you, as a mahout, to overcome your big elephant.

I’ve always visualized myself interacting with students. When it just happened in real life, I was able to manage. I was at my best during the session, and I loved the energy from the students, which is also a reason to keep up my best!

Based on the feedback from the students, this session has given me much more confidence in myself.

It has also been a great validation of the frameworks I’ve created for any student to practice during their college days to kick start and boost their careers from scratch!

I’d been looking to speak in colleges and provide industry awareness to the students, and to help them kick start their career from scratch, but didn’t know where to start.

This seems to be the best start I can think of. Thanks to Vinoth Kumar Babu ↗️ and the team, Drawlead.

I’m looking forward to speaking at different colleges and impacting more students’ care ers by providing them with exposure to industry before graduation!

If you are a college student, connect with me – G Surendar Thina 🔭

I write regularly for college students about career development from scratch, leadership and community building.

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