How cool would 2022 be for you?

Your top 50 moments of 2022

As a common man, following the common calendar, you all know what day it is today!

16th Jan, 2022 – Sunday

Yes, and it is the completion of 2 weeks of 2022!

Let’s ignore the first two days of this month, which had gone planning this year or evaluating the previous year!


There are a lot of incidents around you, that will make you happy or sad. Out of 1440 minutes in a day, 1 minute of your daily life is enough to either boost your day or ruin your day!

Why not write that `1 minute` anywhere you like? Not necessarily 1 min – it can be an hour of your passion or hours of hustling!

If a good journal to write is your excuse, I will send you one!

Forget minutes! There are 7 days a week!!

Consider all the possible permutations and combinations. Regardless of the outcome of your activities, be it good or bad, better or worse, best or worst, you will at least have one moment to share for a Week!

Don’t tell me, `No Bhaiya, there’s nothing really happening. It’s just as usual!`. As a human, everyone has something or the other happening to us, or at least the ones around us! It may be just a usual routine for you, but not for someone else!

Are you living a routine that is the same as mine? No! Never!! I wouldn’t agree, even if you say Yes! What’s usual for you is not usual for someone else!!

So, put your superego away and start writing down one moment to remember every week!

And, you guessed it right!

The 52 weeks of a Year will give you at least 50 moments of your 2022 journey!

Wouldn’t that be cool, if you are able to recap every week of your 2022, by the start of 2023?

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