Being passionate is not enough

Here is what you need to do


There’s no doubt that college students are passionate about their careers. But, why doesn’t everyone takes a step towards it?

It is the lack of awareness – about what exists so that they can explore at will!

For example, a career doesn’t always have to start with Java Development. There are numerous other opportunities.

Most of those areas are unexplored because it is not known to exist. In your vicinity, it may be hard to know what exists on the other side of your world.

We at Think-Digital strongly believe that mentoring can set you up with light, and expand your vicinity!

This is where your “Need for a Mentor” kicks in.

A mentor is not always a person; mentorship is not always about one-on-one!

Be part of a growing community – every individual is your mentor!

Observe your seniors – every move of theirs teaches you a lesson!

For a students’ community to grow, students are the root of it!

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