The First Weekly Newsletter

Buckle yourself before this journey starts!

The first Newsletter reaching you will be an interesting one; hope it can be a bit longer because you need to be buckled before a journey starts.

Before I start sending out my actual weekly, I thank you for being one of the early subscribers and you deserve a Premium Membership! Claim your premium membership for free, when you complete reading this newsletter.

I feel responsible to let you know who I am and why I am doing this. So, this week is to give you that idea. Let’s dive in.

As you already know, my name is G Surendar Thina, a Mentor by passion and an Engineer by profession!

What you may not know is, google recognises me better as ‘gsthina’ and throws 4 pages of results for you.

I help college students and freshers develop skills to achieve their career goals by providing on-demand mentorship. My long term goal as a vision & purpose of my life is to reduce the gap between Students and the Industry!

I’m also the Founder of the Think-Digital Students’ Club at SRM University. The Community consists of 300+ members ranging from 1st year of college to senior-level working professionals with 4+ years of experience. The members of the team have been the driving force to my vision!

I’ve been creating content for a couple of years. However, it was across social media pouring out my thoughts, opinions, knowledge and creativity for a wider audience.

The problem with that is – it’s hard to help individuals grow personally.

Newsletters have been a classic way to bring value to you in person. Indeed it is a powerful way of reaching out to you directly, with your permission too. I feel nostalgic while typing this email to you.

I had always dreamt about creating a Newsletter, and here is my first one. I’m planning to add values by segmenting the Newsletter into the following sections:

  1. Recap of Last Week – thoughts and opinions that popped in during the week

  2. Purpose of this Week – what is the upcoming week special for?

  3. Polls / Quiz – interactive section of the NewsLetter

  4. Polls / Quiz Results – fascinating outputs of last week’s polls & quizzes

  5. Community Update – some insights about our growing community

As an individual, you know a lot of things – the dos and don’ts of everyday life. But, you still keep forgetting amid your everyday chaos. That’s normal. You are a human being. But, it’s vital to remind yourself once in a while!

This Newsletter will also help you remind about things that you may already know.

Let’s spend 5 to 10 mins every week, reading the letter from my pocket to make your week productive!

I guess, these are at least the simple ones to start with. It’s a huge commitment to have you on my list and I ensure adding value to your life from my experiences. I wish you to stay patient and point out the mistakes I make during the process. Believe me, this will evolve gradually over time, of course with your comments.

Thank you,

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