From Classroom Lectures to Online Cohort-based programmes! Don't miss it!

After eight months of commited content creation, the content game starts now!

The real content game begins!

I never do research for my content. In the name of being authentic, I just wrote down what I wanted to say to you people. This is mostly because, when I started writing content for my blogs back in 2016, I wrote about my thoughts, life, experiences, expectations, emotions, beliefs, etc. So I was never forced to research anything.

The only thing I cared about in my writing was not allowing people to get bored. This one has been working out so far. There’s no major flaw with this, and I’m pretty sure that people are loving my style of content. However, I realize that I’m missing a lot without doing proper research. I couldn’t imagine the potential of researched content, but I believe it’s definitely worth it.

This week’s research blog!

From Classroom Lectures to Online Cohort-based programmes

What advantage does an online cohort programme have over our classrooms?

Did you know, that our classroom education was also intended to be a cohort-based model? However, all of its features didn’t seem to be utilized by all. Let’s see what feature is missing there!

What we observe in many colleges is that the staff hardly brings in collaboration among the students, and their main focus on attending classes is to complete their course syllabus. With this focus, all they could do is to talk, read and recite what they name ‘lectures’.

What’s missing here? Collaboration!

Here are some challenges in collaboration during offline classes.

– Fear of showing up their faces

– Every student’s personality conflicts with others

– Mental barriers to initiating communication

These can definitely be improved with the teachers’ preparation to encourage collaboration. Not improving this directly affects the clarity about what’s expected out of collaboration.

Online cohort-based learning is simply a collaborative learning method, in which you get an experience beyond mere learning.

Online cohort-based learnings have paced up during the pandemic by taking an advantage of the missing feature – collaboration!

The online programme designers take the most care to ensure collaboration and also provide self-paced resources to satisfy diversified learning minds.

Regardless of any experience provided, be it online or offline,

No matter how much our education evolves, it’s purely in the mind of an individual student to take up that initiative to open up to educate themselves, instead of studying to write exams!

Master-You by Think-Digital

This is an online cohort-based initiative by the students of the Think-Digital community, to facilitate the students with awareness and guidance! The best part of this initiative is, that you can take part in all the awareness sessions for free!


It’s an absolute hard work and passionate effort from Kunal Keshan, Rohan Kumal, Himanshu Takur, and their team!

The idealogy behind the name Master-You is very simple.

Connecting the master to you! See the significance of that hyphen there. It’s the link between you and the master of what you want to become! Wow!!

Such a brilliant idea isn’t it!! Kudus to the big passionate masterminds behind this!

To enable this initiative, the team has also kept a platform open for you to explore and attend all the sessions on the go, absolutely for FREE!

Here’s the Discord Community Launch for you!

I’m happy to announce that our team is coming up with an amazing knowledge-building platform for all of you. Anyone who’s interested to upskill can do it now for free. Yes, you heard it right. The platform is absolutely free to use for yourself!

All you have to do is to join our discord server and stay tuned!

Crush Depth: U-Boat Simulator - Join our Discord - Steam News


Levels FYI

This Website is an online platform that helps in comparing career levels and compensation packages across different companies.

Open Compensation Data |

They also provide you with the roadmap of your progress in your career with any company.

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