Every travel gives you a realisation

Here’s mine


Writing from Chennai.

After spending 8 days on the trip, I’m now back to the usual.

Chennai > Chandigarh > Ludhiana > Amritsar > Wagah Border > Ludhiana > New Delhi > Gaziabad > The Greater Noida > Chennai

This was the flow of our travel.

Every travel gives you a realisation, and this one gave me one too.

Life gives you problems, to appreciate the good in it

What if there was no pain? Would you ever feel the state of being without pain? It’s simple to understand right?

Every one of us has lost something since our childhood. It is only when we lose it we realize its importance.

Every one of us is in a relationship. Be it, friendship, siblings, father, mother, lover, girlfriend, etc… we always live the moment with them. We may take about the plans for the future and sometimes about the past as well. But, when do we usually remember the good things that had happened in our relationship? It is when there’s a problem in the relationship and we badly want to connect back.

Every one of us can think of such scenarios where the bad in it has reminded a lot of good in it.

Keeping this short, I’d like to talk more about my trip and insights based on your demand.

Please let me know what you would like me to share. I can share about the places I visited, the food I’ve eaten there, the climate, lessons during the travel, people I have met, etc.

You tell me what you want to read about.

Thank you,

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